2023: everything that should come is on the way.
2023: everything that should come is on the way.
In 2023, all your good luck will be on your way.


the years do not live, the seasons flow like a stream. In the blink of an eye, another year.

looking back on the past year, we have had pain, growth, joy and confusion.

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what we are about to usher in is a new and unknown tomorrow.

writer Margaret Mitchell said, "anyway, tomorrow is another day."

No one knows what tomorrow will be like, but the benevolent elder of the years must have prepared a generous gift for you one day in the future.

you have to believe that all the regrets of the old year are the foreshadowing of the surprise of the New year.

in 2023, all your good luck is on your way.

all that you have lost, on your way back

Wang Yangming once said: "the loss of today is not necessarily the gain of the future."

the gain and loss of life is itself a process of energy conservation.

if you are depressed about losing today, how can you know that you will not have it again tomorrow?

Today, if you think things have backfired, how do you know that it is not another arrangement of fate?

I have read a story.

there was a man who was shipwrecked by ship and drifted to an isolated island with the tide.

the island was uninhabited, so he had no hope of leaving, so he had to find wood to build a humble hut to protect himself and store things.

one day, when he came back from looking for food, he found that the cabin was accidentally on fire and the smoke was flying into the sky.

all objects are also engulfed by flames.

when he was in despair, there was a sudden sound of a whistle in his ear.

it turned out that it was a lifeboat that came specially to save him. Puzzled, he asked the crew: how did you know I was here?

the other party replied: we saw the signal of thick smoke calling for help in the distance.

this is the case with many things in this world. If there is a debt here, there must be something else to make up for.

as the old saying goes, what is lost is what is gained.

in the past year, you must have lost a lot of things that are very important to you.

but there is a long way to go in life. Please remember to take a longer-term view.

Don't be afraid to lose. What you once regretted will be compensated one day in the future.

all you have lost will come back in another form in 2023, giving you an unexpected surprise.

the person you most want to meet is on the way here

at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, I will see many people's New year's resolutions on the Internet.

some people want to meet a soul mate, others want to make a few bosom friends;

some people hope to meet old friends who have not seen each other for many years, while others hope to be suddenly reunited with lost friends.

in 2023, all your wishes, somehow, have their own arrangements.

the person you expect to meet is coming to you over the mountains.

Mr. Yang Jiang studied at Tsinghua University when he was young.

at that time, there were many people who pursued her, but none of them fit her soul.

it was not until she first met Qian Zhongshu in Guyue Hall in Tsinghua University that Yang Jiang suddenly realized that it was Qian Zhongshu that she was going to meet in her life.

as she said, "I went to Tsinghua University, one for reading, the other for Zhong Shu."

speaking of Yang Jiang, Qian Zhongshu also rejoiced many times:

"I never thought of getting married before I met her; I had married her for decades, and I never thought of marrying another woman."

the fate of this world is attracted to each other.

as Zhang Jiajia said:

"everyone is a semicircle, and in this vast world, there will eventually be another semicircle that fits perfectly with you, just enough to make a perfect circle.

it's just that some people are lucky to find another semicircle quickly, while others take a long time.


before you meet the one, you might as well settle down to improve yourself and enrich your world.

when you become good enough, the people you want to meet will appear by your side with the best appearance in the new year.

the most beautiful scenery in the world, on your way

Jiang Xun once said:

people in the same environment for too long, too familiar, easy to become "rigid" and "insensitive", vitality will slowly disappear, so need to go for a walk.

and the so-called going for a walk does not just mean seeing the scenery, seeing heaven and earth, and knowing the humanities.

what is more important is to let people get out of the predicament of reality and redeem the confused soul.

in real life, most people live a boring life.

some people are trapped in the trivialities of firewood, rice, oil and salt, and gradually become like an ancient well without any waves.

some people are confined to trivial and mechanical work, walk in a hurry all day, but live like an empty shell.

Zhou Guoping said a sentence:

"if one day I just immerse myself in the affairs of my life and no longer feel interested in watching the scenery along the way and listening to the music in my heart, then I will be really old and vulgar, and I will not live up to the wonderful journey of life.


in the days to come, may you get out of your previous world and try to broaden your horizons and enrich your experience.

you can see the imprints engraved by time in a wall, a tile, a stream and a pool.

you must be amazed by the thousand-year-old murals and be impressed by the boundless scenery


and these are the scenery that you can really enjoy only when you get out of the cubicle and out of the house.

whenever you decide

arrives, it will bloom for you.

the most beautiful scenery is always on your way.

when you have seen enough scenery, what you have seen and heard will in turn enrich your horizons and life.

Let you go through the years and meet a better self.

the best opportunity in life, on your way forward

when the writer Shuimuran was living in the countryside, he found that when farmers were farming, they would surely step on one of the 24 solar terms.

for example, when the Autumn Equinox was the most suitable for growing wheat, there is a folk proverb saying, "the Autumn Equinox is at the right time to grow wheat."

that is to say, sowing is not the sooner the better, the sooner the better, but the more appropriate the time, the better.

this also tells us a truth:

there are many important things in life that are not urgent.

Flowers have flowering periods, and when birds have birds, everyone has their own time zone for development.

Director Ang Lee experienced six years of dormancy before he became famous.

but he didn't give up, nor did he worry.

writer Anne Prox didn't start writing until she was 50, but her work has won almost all the important literary awards in the United States.

Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe, started writing at the age of 59 and ended up among the founders of English novels.

A famous American short poem wrote: in your own time zone arranged by fate, everything is very punctual.

in this journey of life, everyone has his own pace, and everyone has his own opportunity.

some people are full of flowers when they are young, while others can not see the red clouds all over the sky until they are old.

each of us really doesn't have to rush to live a standard life.

May everyone settle down and accumulate strength silently in the new year.

the important and good things in life will also appear at the right time.

what should come, it's all on the way

as the old saying goes, "if you drink and peck, you must be determined before."


in this world, everything has a fixed limit, which seems to be accidental, but in fact it is orderly.

the person you should meet will suddenly meet even if you go around.

what you should do, even if it is very difficult now, will surely blossom and bear fruit in the future.

but as "the Spring of the cattle herding Class" says, "never give up, there is always hope waiting ahead."

if you unfortunately encounter dross on the way, please laugh at the ups and downs of life with an optimistic heart.

if you encounter wind and rain, please use a calm heart to heal the wounds of time;

if you meet goodwill, please remember these beauties with a warm heart.

if things go against your wishes, please keep the best state of mind and believe that what should come is on the way.

, when you do everything with your heart, what you want will come quietly.