The current situation of 51-year-old Zhu Yin was exposed, leaving a luxury house and going to the countryside to farm, but she envied and cried 7 million people.
The current situation of 51-year-old Zhu Yin was exposed, leaving a luxury house and going to the countryside to farm, but she envied and cried 7 million people.
Happiness lies in living the life you like with your heart.


recently, a picture of Zhu Yin in primary school at the age of 11 was brushed on the screen.

although Zhu Yin in the photo has a tender face, it is not difficult to see the superiority of her facial features.

the eyes of a fawn are bright, the nose is handsome and straight, and even the rising Radian of the corners of the mouth is just right, elegant and quiet.

many people see such a watery Zhu Yin again and again sigh:

Beauty is like this, it is better in its infancy, but it is rare to be about the same as 11 and 51 years old.

in the 1990s, it was a time when Hong Kong stars and immortals fought.

and among a kind of beautiful Hong Kong stars, Zhu Yin became the "white moonlight" in the hearts of many men, women and children by virtue of the Great Holy Marriage of A Chinese Odyssey.

now young people may not have seen this movie, but I must not allow anyone not to have seen the following picture of God.

I remember that when I saw this picture for the first time, I was amazed when I clicked on it countless times, and I wanted to open it again and again. I couldn't keep my eyes open over and over again.

is really the netizen's saying: as soon as Zhu Yin's eyes blink, my heart trembles for it.

Beautiful smile and beautiful eyes.

Zhu Yin, it has been like this since childhood, and it is incredibly beautiful.

in 1971, Zhu Yin was born in a happy little family in Hong Kong.

my father is a science lover and is very open-minded. rather than watching her study, he prefers to take Zhu Yin to see various art exhibitions, get in touch with science, and support her to cultivate all kinds of interests.

her mother gave her absolute tolerance and love, and on the other hand, Zhu Yin's 10-year-old sister also loved her sister.

A family lives a rich and happy life.

at that time, all the neighbors knew that the little girl of the Zhu family was intelligent and beautiful and could be regarded as a little celebrity.

? When she was young, it was all too common for Zhu Yin and her mother to go shopping and be secretly photographed by others.

after school, there are countless male classmates scrambling to be the Black Knight around her, and because Zhu Yin is refreshing, girls are also willing to make friends with her.

but at that time, although many people said you could be an actress, Zhu Yin never took it seriously, but laughed it off.

until after middle school, I met a teacher, a female teacher who graduated from Hong Kong University. She always encouraged girls not to grow up according to the abrasive tools.

"Girls should not be quiet, but let go, say what they like, and have the courage to express yourself."

Zhu Yin is such a person, so she likes this teacher very much.

the teacher likes stage drama, so she goes to learn about it. The teacher likes to visit the drama club all the time, so she joins the school drama club.

unexpectedly, this imperceptible influence really changed Zhu Yin's life.

after graduating from high school, Zhu Yin was successfully admitted to the Drama Department of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. In 1991, Zhu Yin, who was still in school, was chosen by director Chen Jia and starred in her first film, "truancy Veyron 2."

with this film, Zhu Yin, a newcomer, was nominated for the Best newcomer at the Academy Awards that year. Although she did not win the award, it made her very happy.

in 1992, after Zhu Yin finished her studies, Hong Kong TVB could not wait another second and officially signed her as her actress.

in the same year, a graduation film "Barefoot Walk in the Park" won the Best Actress Award from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

more and more well-known directors have noticed that this girl full of aura is throwing olive branches at her, and the actors who work with her are getting bigger and bigger.

in 1994, Zhu Yin played the role of Huang Rong in "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", which made her famous. At the same time, her relationship with Zhou Xingchi also surfaced.

Zhu Yin's acquaintance with Zhou Xingchi can be traced back to the beginning of her entry into the entertainment industry.

No wonder many people say that Zhu Yin's glance at Zhou Xingchi in "truant Weilong 2" is very much like her first love.

it took me many years to realize that maybe the look in my eyes was not an act.

in 1995, Zhou Xingchi was photographed carrying Zhu Yin on her bike and Zhu Yin put her hand around his waist, and the underground love affair was finally exposed to the public.

one is a comedy superstar and the other is a new goddess. All of a sudden, there is a heated discussion.

but what everyone doesn't know is that in fact, the two were already in the process of talking about marriage a year before their relationship was exposed.

that is, in the same year, the real couple joined hands again to have the film "the Great Holy Marriage of A Chinese Odyssey", which made Zhu Yin a complete hit.

after all, Zixia Fairy and Zhizunbao in the movie were not destined for each other, and this ending seemed to shine into reality. Soon after filming the play, the two of them who had been in love for more than three years ended up breaking up.

the reporter asked Zhou Xingchi about the reasons for the breakup, and his answer was impressive:

"never started, how can there be a breakup?"

this made Zhu Yin, who has always been cheerful, break down and cry at the press conference:

"in the past three and a half years, I have shed too many tears and suffered too much pain. In short, I have tasted all the joys and sorrows that life and love should have tasted.

at that time, Zhu Yin wanted a stable commitment, but Zhou Xingchi at that time was not even willing to correct her name.

this relationship hurts both sides.

moreYears later, Zhou Xingchi talked about "truant Veyron 2" again and was asked if he had any unforgettable memories. "to be honest, Zhu Yin is the only one unforgettable."

Zhu Yin, who had been hurt by Zhou Xingchi, was also asked if she regretted the relationship. Zhu Yin said generously that she had never regretted her relationship with him.

in a previous interview with her growing up experience, Zhu Yin said that her father had a great influence on herself:

"my father taught me very well. You must be able to bear everything before you can choose."

this relationship is also, dare to love, dare to hate, say what regret.

after 1995, Zhu Yin had a long "blank period".

can not surpass the Zixia fairy, love life, and have not met a person who has the impulse to marry him for a long time.

20-year-old Huang Guanzhong saw Zhu Yin off the stage during a band performance:

"she sits in the front row. I think the girl is very beautiful. But then, we haven't seen each other for 10 years. "

10 years later, Huang Guanzhong and Zhu Yin coincidentally became neighbors upstairs and downstairs.

one day, Zhu Yin's mother knocked on the door of Huang Guanzhong's house because his house was leaking and burned out Zhu Yin's lamp.

Huang Guanzhong hurriedly apologized and followed Zhu Yin's mother to their house to help repair it. As soon as he entered the door, Huang Guanzhong saw Zhu Yin at a glance.

the encounter of this idol drama version instantly awakens the memory of the two people.

one is an unforgettable girl off the stage, and the other is an once-adored idol. These two lives do not seem to intersect, because of a small episode, merged into one road.

looking down and not looking up, the two people come and go. Because they have a lot of common topics, they chat more and more.

because they both like dogs, they made an appointment to go to the dog show on the first date, but they were photographed by the paparazzi on the first date.

but this time,



wait until the answer is completely different. In the face of questions from the media, are they in a relationship?

without even thinking about it, he admitted it directly and generously.

this move moved Zhu Yin, who is eager to wait for a stable love in the turbulent entertainment industry. Since then, there has been another model couple in the entertainment industry.

at that time, Huang Guanzhong's career was thwarted, but Zhu Yin kept going uphill.

the voice of "Huang Guanzhong is not worthy of Zhu Yin" has been reverberating around them.

for this, Huang Guanzhong not only was not angry, but also sprinkled a handful of dog food:

"do you know why I have been so unlucky that I have to work harder than ordinary people to do anything? Because of my luck, I spent it all on Zhu Yin. "

only Zhu Yin knows how good Huang Guanzhong is.

Huang Guanzhong can't cook, but he would rather spend hours busy in the kitchen for Zhu Yin.

Huang Guanzhong is more or less rebellious in playing rock and roll, but with Zhu Yin, he has only tender feelings left in his writing.

maybe God will be moved by this feeling. After 14 years of love, Zhu Yin, who did not want to get married because it was difficult to get pregnant, accidentally conceived a child.

so, on October 25, 2012, Zhu Yin finally agreed to Huang Guanzhong's proposal and set up her own small family.

after marriage, the two gradually faded out of sight, and the two tacit understanding put the center on the family.

until a few years ago, Zhu Yin acted as a Zixia fairy in variety shows, as if she had never changed.

someone asked Zhu Yin, "how do you maintain it?"

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Zhu Yin smiled and said, "when you look in the mirror and find yourself more and more beautiful, you have found the right person."

see, marrying the right person is a matter of physical and mental pleasure.

if you marry the right person, he can always give you special care and love. You don't have to ask for the thoughtfulness and warmth you want. He will give it to you.

if you marry the right person, the focus and uniqueness you want can be given to you even without supervision and restraint.

Last year, the media reported that Zhu Yin and Huang Guanzhong's husband and wife had been reduced to living in the countryside.

they photographed Zhu Yin and Huang Guanzhong living in the countryside in the New Territories of Hong Kong. The house looks like it has nothing to do with luxury, and its location deviates from the city.

for a while, rumors were flying that husband and wife were living in poverty.

it wasn't until someone pulled out their mansion in a bustling part of Hong Kong that they knew that "the clown was me."

it turns out that both husband and wife have luxury houses in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and the exposed luxury houses in Hong Kong have 3-meter-high floor-to-ceiling windows, which is self-evident.

can not help but husband and wife have money wayward, there is no shortage of luxury houses, like the countryside, how about?

the seclusion of Huang Guanzhong and Zhu Yin is located in a village in Tai Po District, New Territories, Hong Kong, with undulating hills, lush plants and a beautiful natural environment.

in 2012, after Huang Guanzhong and Zhu Yin got married, they moved to a village in Tai Po District, New Territories, Hong Kong.

back to Castle Peak, single-family wooden house, the surrounding is full of green, because it is far away from the city, so the air here is very good, but also very quiet.

there is no expensive soft outfit, but the most expensive one is the natural advantage of being close to nature.

Zhu Yin likes flowers and plants, and the couple grow all kinds of flowers and fruits in front and back of the houseTrees.

since spring, wave after wave of words have opened one after another, writing romance in front of the house all the year round.

when I don't want to go out, I blow on the balcony and bask in the sun.

every once in a while, the family will take their dogs to climb the mountain.

in his words:

"climbing the pristine mountain forest is the reason why I like to live in the valley. It brings me back to the purity of life and gives me a clearer view of the dirty world outside."

people who don't understand say that the hype is just a rural house.

understand that this seemingly unluxurious mansion has long been better than luxury.

Yes, the happiness of life has nothing to do with what house you live in, but to live the life you like with your heart.

people often ask: how can a woman live a brilliant life?

I think it may be a healthy body, a happy family, the ability to run a family, and the initiative to control one's own life.

Zhu Yin, that's it.