Help! How did she become so ruined after being sucked blood by the whole family for 24 years and married a 53-year-old disabled rich man in return for gratitude?
Help! How did she become so ruined after being sucked blood by the whole family for 24 years and married a 53-year-old disabled rich man in return for gratitude?
May every wound in your past give birth to wings.

recently, Li Zi, who has not been seen for a long time, rarely attended the event in the same frame with her good friend Zheng Xiuwen.

in the photo, Li Zi shows her temperament in a blue bow dress.

but many netizens can't help exclaiming: is this Li Zi? What's wrong with my face? I almost didn't recognize it.



in fact, everyone's reaction is quite understandable.

many people remember that Li Zi has always been a beautiful woman.

even Cecilia Cheung, who has outstanding appearance and temperament, once said, "in this world, I only admit that Li Zi is prettier than me!"

Li Zi, a teenage girl, has 360 degrees of beauty without dead angles.

A bunch of curved eyebrows and a pair of love eyes are incredibly beautiful.

Today, Li Zi, who is over 50, is enviably elegant and calm.

but at her peak, she suddenly dropped out of the entertainment industry and married a disabled rich in a twinkling of an eye.

now that 13 years have passed, how is she doing?

back in those days, even in the beautiful Great Bay area, Li Zi was once known as "the most beautiful woman in Hong Kong".

with beauty and talent, Li Zi's acting path went smoothly.

at the age of 14, Li Zi was accidentally discovered by singer Xu Guanjie and starred in the comedy movie "Happy Ghost on Summer Holiday."

soon after that, Li Zi got the chance to star in the movie "leaping Antelope".

with short hair and thick black eyebrows, he looks like a "little man", which is impressive.

gradually, Li Zi began to show her strength in the entertainment industry.

in order to shoulder the burden of supporting her family, in just three years, she made nine TV dramas and eight movies in one breath.

even Li Zi was criticized and blocked by directors

"No acting skills, just an empty vase with skin."

there is also a steady stream of mockery in the media: "humiliating in the entertainment industry, disgracing my grandparents."


in the face of criticism, Li Zi kept it all in mind and competed secretly that no one recognized me, so try to hone her acting skills!

until the "confused Boy" appeared with a silly "little stammer", rebellious, childish and gentle infatuated.

made her famous overnight and became a touch of moonlight in the minds of many people.

since then, Li Zi's career seems to have hung up!

in 2001, she was Zhao Min in "Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre". She was charming and heroic in the bright, bright eyes and bright teeth, pear swirling smile.

it seems to be evil and ruthless, but in fact it is strange and crazy for love.

No wonder Jin Yong is full of praise: "after Li Zi, there is no more Zhao Min."


and she is the only actress who has played Zhao Min and Zhou Zhi-Ruo.

Zhou Zhiruo in "the Master of the Magic Church of Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre" is dressed in white like a fairy, with a white gauze falling and her appearance stunning.

later, Jin Zhi Yuyi, who was named the ancestor of Gongdou, played the role of "Yuying", who was stubborn, extremely in love and hated, and innocent on the surface.

transparent Anxi, arrogant as imperial concubine, belly Heierchun, arrogant Yuying, so that countless people can not put down the play, Li Zi also won the TVB double material.

"after 18 years of hard work, I finally didn't lose face on my mother and grandfather, and I was able to be proud of my family."

after years of hard work, 34-year-old Li Zi finally made great progress in her career.

No one knows that there is still a little-known side behind Li Ziguang's bright beauty.

Lai Zi was born into a famous film family in Hong Kong on October 1, 1971.

Grandpa Lai Minwei is the father of Hong Kong movies, and Grandma Lin Chu Chu is the first generation of Hong Kong movie stars.

Li Zi lived a carefree childhood. Under the influence of her grandparents, she began to learn to play the violin, sing and dance from an early age.

Li Zi definitely won at the starting line from birth, but the gift of fate has already secretly marked the price.

with the death of grandparents, there was a battle for property in the family, which fell apart.

without shelter, Li Zi's father, who was congenitally weak, was driven out of the house and the family rented a 20-square-meter low-rent house.

is often bullied by neighbors, and the kitchen is connected to the toilet, even eating can smell the toilet.

it can be said that life is stretched.

in the middle of the family, my father suffered from ear disease and poor eyesight, so he could only do some chores, and the heavy burden of the family was supported only by his mother driving a minivan.

from a delicate little princess to an outcast of fate, Li Zi developed a tough character from an early age with the ups and downs of life.

in order to support her family, she went to school while filming, and she lay on her stomach to do her homework during the filming gap.

at a young age, I am often so tired that I fall asleep on the toilet seat.

but she never cries bitterness, only thinking about acting to earn money to support her family.

"the smile of the family is heavier than any halo."Yes. "

others are filming to be popular, while Li Zi is to give her family a better life.

in order to send her brother to school, she chose to drop out of school and make money wholeheartedly.

was asked if she would regret it, she only said faintly:

"I don't have this kind of potential, but my brother is really smart. He is suitable for reading."

with the full support of Li Zi, my younger brother finished studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and went abroad for a master's degree.

after returning from school, she poured out her money to help her brother open a beauty clinic.

however, just when everything was going well, fate played a big joke on her.

one day in 2007, Li Zi, who was still filming, received a call from the hospital.

my younger brother has been in a serious car accident. His condition is so critical that his life could be in danger at any time.

worried about her parents' old age, she was filming "Jewelry" and ran between the hospital and the set every day.

in order to better protect her home, Li Zi, who was at the peak of her career, tearfully announced her withdrawal from the entertainment industry.

Li Zi retired at the peak, many people expressed regret, and some media mocked her as a "helping brother devil."

but in the face of rumors from the outside, Li Zi's weak appearance is full of strength:

Li Zi has had a very hard time giving up her heyday career and moving to the beauty industry where she knows nothing about it.

bit by bit, I learn from the beginning and do it very late every day, hoping that my brother can recover.

and in this difficult time, she also met people who shared her troubles.

"I am very happy to tell you that I am married, and I am very grateful, because I can finally find someone who is very painful and I can trust for life."

some people question Li Zi in order to repay her kindness, while others question her for money.

after all, there is a big gap in the image and temperament between the two. Although Ma Yanqiang is a rich family, he is a "cripple".

many people are waiting to see her joke, after all, the star + rich dog blood plot is always on top.

instead of blessing, people are more interested in talking about the tragedy of "getting married into a rich family and being dumped".

but this is not the case.

the fate of two people begins with a banquet.

Is it exciting and surprising to find a beautiful short pink prom dress for your event? Our magnificent garments will hugely boost your confidence.

at that time, Ma Tingqiang had trouble with his legs and feet. When he walked out of the hotel, he almost stumbled and slipped. Li Zi took the initiative to help him when he saw the situation.

in order to win Li Zi's heart, he chased it for six years, but Li Zi did not agree, and the two have been getting along as good friends.

but no matter how much he refused, Ma Tingqiang never gave up.

until Li Zi's younger brother's car accident, Li Zi sold a house to her younger brother for treatment, and the people around her gradually moved away.

he said, "as long as you agree to my request, the money will be given to you. You don't have to pay it back."

when Li Zi felt embarrassed, he said:

"I hope you will never cry again."

maybe a friend in need is a friend indeed, but a friend in adversity is a friend in love.

Li Zi, helpless, feels the warmth that Ma Tingqiang has never felt before.

Ma Tingqiang has been silently by her side, helping her take care of her family and giving her maximum support and companionship.

this predicament, let Li Zi see his sincerity and love, but also deeply feel his deep feelings.

in the twinkling of an eye, the marriage, which was once unfavored, has passed quietly for 13 years, and they are still in love and have given birth to three children and a family of five.

Li Zi issues articles to commemorate her wedding anniversary every year.

the words show the sincerest love between husband and wife.

one of them is quite touching:

"maintaining a relationship is like planting a plant. You have to irrigate it carefully before it will blossom and bear fruit."

Marriage is like planting flowers. After the seeds are buried in the soil, they not only need temperature and humidity, but also need artificial careful care and regular care in order to show lasting vitality.

I like what Li Zi said very much:

"every ordinary woman can make a difference as long as she is given the opportunity and confidence to study, struggle and temper."

the family is in the middle, the life is at rock bottom, and the teenager is alone in the entertainment industry, defending the whole family like a soldier.

she never chose to bow to life. Instead, she typed out the script of life.

in 2017, Li Zi put her brother's beauty company on the market and successfully transformed into a strong businesswoman.

although she has left the entertainment industry, Li Zi is still sharing details of her life on major social platforms.

not only do you have a successful business, but also your family and yourself.


hold meetings with employees to discuss the daily work.

share your own bread, delicious and healthy.

with three daughters, there is alwaysEndless girls talk, although noisy but warm and loving.

No matter how busy and tired she is, she still practices yoga every day, and her self-disciplined life still keeps her charm.

she has already waved goodbye to the past and lived a new life.


prove with strength: what is beautiful is nothing, what is the ability to live a beautiful life.


there is a sentence in the Story of the Rose:

"the past doesn't matter, the present and the future are the most important."

Yes, after all, the past is the past tense, time will never go back, and life is still going on.

stand up, pat the dust on your body, and move forward bravely!


May every wound in your past give birth to wings.

May you go through a thousand sails, your heart is still boiling hot, bravely bid farewell to the past, and live your best appearance!