Find your own position (depth good text)
Find your own position (depth good text)
The most difficult thing in life is to find your own position.

Lin Jing

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Laozi once said, "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

people who know others can only be regarded as smart and can know themselves clearly. They are really wise people.

the hardest thing in life is to find your own position.

the positioning is too high, the fall is too miserable, the positioning is too low, it is difficult to shine. Only by being impartial, can we stand higher and go further.

Don't overestimate yourself

is the greatest wisdom of being a man

the water will be clearer without the fish, and the fish without the boiled water will face death. The same is true of being a human being. It is often a disaster to take yourself too seriously.

during the Spring and Autumn period and the warring States period, there was a coachman who drove for the powerful courtiers. He felt that his identity had become noble because he had followed the powerful courtiers for a long time.

every time he became domineering in driving a horse, he was arrogant to other domestic servants, and over time, his behavior aroused public anger and discussed how to deal with him.

seeing this, the rickshaw man's wife hurriedly persuaded him to finally understand that his position was only a rickshaw puller, not a minister of power, which avoided a disaster.

the greatest wisdom of being a man is to know yourself correctly. If you think too highly of yourself, you will often fall miserably.

it is said in the Book of Rites: "A gentleman is not arrogant and does not honor his merits."

true gentlemen never boast and overestimate themselves. they keep a low profile and are modest and know how to correctly understand their own shortcomings.

as the ancients said: "full of losses, modest benefits", conceited people are bound to be unpopular, only humility can move forward better.

Don't underestimate yourself

is the greatest respect for life

the ancient poem said: "the talent that heaven and earth made me must have its use, even if the gold is exhausted, it will start all over again."

in the journey of life, the existence of everyone has a specific meaning, do not improperly belittle yourself, do not easily deny your own life.

there is such a story. A long time ago, a woman always felt unhappy in life, so she asked the Zen master, "you always have to learn to love myself first, but how can I love you?"

the Zen master asked, "what do you hate about yourself?"

the woman said: "I am too stupid, living is also a burden on others."

the Zen master looked at the little girl at the door and said to the girl, go and tell the little girl what you just said about yourself.

the woman shook her head again and again, saying that it was too cruel. The Zen master said slowly, "but you do such a cruel thing every day."

the greatest respect for life is not to despise yourself in this life.

the famous poet Li Qingzhao once said: "there is no need for light blue and light red, it is the first class among the flowers."

to be a man, you should learn to affirm yourself, appreciate yourself, and not improperly belittle yourself in order to shine.

find the right position

to be a winner in life

all over the world, everyone is looking for his or her place. Only by finding the right position can we live out the meaning of life.

the lotus can only stand gracefully when it grows in the lotus pond, and only when the cactus stands alone in the desert can it become the "desert hero flower".

people. Only by finding the right orientation in life can we become truly useful talents.

Zeng Guofan, an important minister in the late Qing Dynasty, had a very bumpy life.

when I was in school, I was laughed at by thieves because of my poor memory. When I became a subject, I was excluded because I didn't know how to behave.

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but he didn't give up. Knowing that he was not talented, he studied hard and worked ten times harder than others.

it was because of this that Zeng Guofan was promoted to governor of Liangjiang and Liangjiang within ten years, and finally became commander-in-chief of the Hunan Army, successfully laying a world for himself.

as the saying goes, "people are expensive with self-knowledge."

the most difficult and valuable thing for a person is to know himself, to know himself, and then to find his place correctly.

throughout ancient and modern times, but those who have made achievements are very clear about their own position.

in ancient times, there was Bao Shuya, who knew his own ability and recommended Guan Zhong as prime minister, which made him a hegemonic career.

as the saying goes, "the ruler is short; the inch is strong; the material is insufficient; the wisdom is unknown."

A person can become a real winner in life only by putting himself in the right position, seeing his true level and keeping a humble heart.


Lin Jing is a radio host who graduated from the Chinese Department.

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