Taking good care of your mood is more important than anything else.
Taking good care of your mood is more important than anything else.
A good mood is not only the greatest wealth of life, but also the cure for everything.


the years are in a hurry, fleeting for a moment.

looking back on the old days, I was depressed because of trifles;

because of the insipid melancholy of firewood, rice and salt; because people and things that are not worth it are sad and sad, they often make themselves physically and mentally exhausted and embarrassed.

however, the pain of hard work has become a thing of the past.

May you take good care of your mood, adjust your state of mind, set sail again, walk on the road for the better, and welcome all surprises and good luck.

good things and bad things become a thing of the past

in life, there are always some troubles and worries that make people feel depressed and frustrated.

however, this life is fleeting. If you always cling to the pain of the past, you will only get hurt, and life can no longer go on.

as the old saying goes, "there is no knot that cannot be untied, and there is no river that cannot be crossed."

instead of making yourself miserable, it is better to put down the burden, bid farewell to the past, move forward easily, and have no tiredness in your heart, so that you can face the ups and downs of the world.

in the Han Dynasty, there was a famous scholar named Guo Tai.

one day, on the road, he saw a man hurrying forward with a clay jar.

as he walked, the jar suddenly fell to the ground, but the man walked forward without looking back.

Guo Tai was so puzzled that he came forward and asked, "your earthen jar is broken to the ground. Why don't you even look at it and just stride forward?"

what happened, the man said:

"now that it's all broken, what's the use of looking at it again? If you spend your time and energy on this, you will be upset, and you will miss out on more beauty. "

after listening, Guo Tai looked at him differently and praised him again and again.

people often say, "since you are under a hundred years old, there is no need to worry about the millennium."

things are changeable, always happy and mixed, people live, there are always troubles and sorrows, do not take everything too seriously, let alone let the mood suffer because of trifles.

in fact, there is no absolute misfortune in this world. It's just that you put shackles on your heart. When you don't like to worry about it and disdain to pester it, you will find that it is a small matter except life and death.

the hurdles that once could not be overcome turned into jokes and jokes, and the things that were once entangled turned into stories in memories.

all things in the world are nothing but a moment, why be depressed and why tangle with sorrow.

learn to smile before you can relax physically and mentally, free and easy; as long as you open your mind, the small glimmer of suffering is a dazzling hope.

good things and bad things eventually become a thing of the past; big and small things are gone, so relax your mind and look down on things.

May you no longer suffer from occasional frustrations and despair because of temporary setbacks.

May you keep walking forward, looking forward lightly, fearing the ups and downs of the years, braving the flow of time, and enjoying life.

if things go against one's wishes

Please believe that there must be other arrangements

it is said in the Book of morality: "misfortune leads to good fortune, and good fortune lies in misfortune."

Life is in a hurry, with ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and all experiences have a reason.

if things go against one's wishes, it is the normality of life, which is like an adventure that can turn good expectations into regrets and dark clouds into willows and flowers.

as the saying goes, "when water reaches a dead end, it is a waterfall, and when a man is at a dead end, he is reborn."

this is true of many things in this world. If there is a debt here, it will be made up there, and all losses will come back in another way.

once upon a time, a fisherman went fishing at sea, but he was caught in a thunderstorm. After the waves, he drifted to an isolated island with the tide.

knowing that it would be difficult for him to leave the place, the fisherman found wood and simply built a cabin to live in.

one day, he went out looking for food, and when he came back, he suddenly found that the hut was on fire, smoke was all over the sky, and the hut was reduced to ashes.

the desperate fisherman collapsed to the ground and kept crying, unable to calm down for a long time.

the next morning, the fisherman was awakened by a siren in his lethargy.

it turned out that it was a lifeboat. The fisherman was puzzled and asked, "how did you know I was here?"

the other party replied, "We saw a smoke-filled distress signal and came at once."

the loss of a horse is not a blessing.

sometimes, good things don't always end well, and bad things don't always end badly.

every step of life will not be broad and flat, there will inevitably be ups and downs, there will inevitably be muddy.

many people will not hesitate to give up when they encounter setbacks, thus complaining about their unfair fate and their own misfortune.

in fact, everything we experience, everyone we meet, must be experienced in our lives.

every surprise harvested and every tribulation suffered also helps us wake up and grow.

because everything in the world has its truth, good and evil, good and bad, are all compulsory courses in life.

there is no need to rush life to give the best answer, because not all efforts will be immediately rewarded.

but as long as you do a good job and wait patiently, the beauty of life will inadvertently return to you.

as the saying goes, "the mountain has its peak, the sea has its other shore, and a long life will eventually turn around."

taking good care of your mood is more important than anything else

there is a saying in Daojing: "it is easy to hold, but it is easy to plan without warning."

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only when things are stable, the situation is easy to control and maintain, and if you want to control your life well, you need to have a stable state of mind and a good mood.

although mood is not the whole of life, it can best influence the quality of life.

in a good mood, even the biggest troubles can be easily resolved; in a bad mood, even the smallest setbacks can make people overwhelmed.

whether you can live a happy life and have a happy life depends on yourself.

Zeng Guofan is known as "the most perfect man through the ages". He is generous, wise, meritorious and famous for a time.

however, he was met with suspicion and exclusion, and was forced to return to his hometown and stay away from his official career.

he could not figure out why he had come to such a bad end, and his anger, unwillingness and rage welled up in his heart.

for a long time, I shut myself in the house and didn't go out.

as a result, long-term insomnia, depression, so that their dizziness dazzling, palpitations and shortness of breath, and finally a serious illness.

later, after the guidance of a reclusive Taoist priest, he suddenly woke up and fell ill.

Zhuangzi said, "I know what I have to do, but I feel at ease."

people will be reunited and separated, the moon will be full and missing, it is better to be angry than to be calm, and it is better to be upset than to be light.

Life is short, mood is the most important, happiness is the most important.

it is up to you to decide whether to live a happy life or a painful life.

only by taking good care of the mood, can everything be calm, life goes smoothly, and life can be relaxed and happy.

Don't be full of hostility and frown, and don't get caught up in negative emotions. As a result, not only will it be useless, but your life will get worse and worse.

there is a solution to everything, only the mood needs self-adjustment.

as the saying goes, "things change with the heart, and the environment is created by the mind."

when you smile, leave your troubles behind, invite the annoying people out of life and keep a good mood around you, life will be breezy and smooth.

people's happiness lies in the happiness of the heart, and taking good care of the mood is always more important than anything else.

in the days to come, may you not panic, be discouraged in the event of setbacks, be in danger, have light in your heart, live a sunny life, enjoy every moment, and try to live every day.

time cannot be traced back, and time cannot be kept.

time is fleeting, and the last thing to be aggrieved is your heart.

Heart is the root of everything, and a good mood is not only the greatest wealth of life, but also the cure for everything.

No matter whether it is sunny, rainy or snowy, no matter life is difficult or easy, there is always a smile in my eyes and joy in my heart. Take good care of my mood.

, may you and I not think about the past, fear the future, meet with happiness, and have a calm and beautiful life.