Last 13 days of 2022: if you can't make it, take a look at these 5 pictures.
Last 13 days of 2022: if you can't make it, take a look at these 5 pictures.
Only if we can endure the hardships of hard work, life will give us a return to happiness.

Wen Qian

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I can't believe there are only 13 days left in 2022.

do you feel this way?

days seem to be pressed the accelerator button, every day I open my eyes is busy with work, worry about life.

We all kept spinning like a top, and only to find out that another year was coming to an end.

did you have a good year?

at the moment, you may be busy with your life, or you may be bravely moving forward among the thorns.

when you feel like you can't stand it, take a look at these 5 pictures.

May you go through the hardships of life and have a smooth road for the rest of your life.

roadside stalls late at night

when night falls, we end the day's hard work and drag our tired bodies on our way home.

there is such a group of people, but they are walking forward in the dark and moonlight to start their day's work.

they are pushing their small "shops" in the crowded street, bowing their heads and shouting loudly while bowing their heads and busy with the guy in their hands.

the stall owners in the middle of the night have become the C position in the noisy street.

once on my way from work, I passed a barbecue stand, and the smell pervaded the whole street.

I sat down and ordered a few strings and started talking to my boss.

the boss said:

"Don't look at the fact that we only work at night, but we start to prepare every day in the morning.


rush to the vegetable market in the early hours of the morning to buy the best and freshest ingredients, and then start preparing for the day.

they also feel particularly satisfied when they see those hungry people who work overtime until the wee hours of the morning, eating steaming midnight snacks.

the boss will always have a smile on the face of the guests who are constantly patronizing, even if they just stop to chat.

No one's life is not hard, tearing off the true face of life, the adult world is more about hard work and outlook.

as said in "Wind and Rain Harvard Road":

"No one can bargain with life, as long as he is alive, he must work hard."

No one is easier than the other in life, only who can endure better than the other.

as long as you live hard, the sweat you have shed will not be disappointed.

the office building in the early morning

the night in the city is noisy and silent.

some people go to sleep early to save their energy for tomorrow, while others continue to be busy on their own "battlefield".

the office buildings that are open all night are the best witness.

and what each person carries on his shoulder is either his own fiery dream or the hope of family life.

as the Internet says:

"the reason for working hard is not only for a fruitful harvest, but also for a rich life."

every night I stay up for work and every drop of sweat I leave is to earn a better life.

is also to share more for the family and give more security to the future.

whenever you want to give up, look at those who stay up all night and work hard, and look back at the families who need them all the time behind you.

then you will understand that life has its ups and downs, sometimes hard work, suffering is the answer to a good life.

Life is like a marathon, reaping not only the tiredness of the long journey, but also the wonderful scenery.

No matter how far the journey is, only those who persevere to the end can gain the sense of achievement of reaching the finish line.

midnight emergency department

some people say:

"if you think life is difficult, just go to the emergency department.


the emergency department is a magical place, where too many human sufferings are reflected and separated.

A trainee nurse shared her whole day's work.

here, even experienced doctors, facing all kinds of patients, every day's work is a new challenge.

people with their own bags and sleeping on the floor or chairs can be seen everywhere in the lobby of the emergency room.

there are patients weeping alone in the corner, mothers pacing around with a child with a high fever, and family members anxiously waiting for the results of the examination.

in this place full of worldly tastes, I finally understand:

the sufferings of life are all bruises except life and death.

it may be difficult for us to fight against the impermanence of life, but we can take care of our bodies, be grateful, and live every moment.

the train station during the day

on the platform, the bustling crowd is in a hurry.

look at those high-spirited young people, dragging their suitcases to quicken their pace and get on the train.

although the destinations are different, the same thing is that they are all chasing their dreams and fighting for their lives.

some time ago, I felt uncertain about my future because I didn't go well with my work.

but looking back, I found that when I first entered the workplace, I had lofty ambitions and ideals in my heart.

just because of the temporary difficulties, I feel that I can't get past it, and I fall into internal friction and remorse again and again.

now it becomes clear that don't go too far and forget why you started.

as long as the original heart is still there, nothing can hinder yourself.

Sanmao once said:

"everyone has a dream and a reason to be strong. Otherwise, no matter how good the life is, it will only be a wandering. "

if you are facing difficulties at this time, or if you are at the bottom of your life, you must believe:

the dream buried in the bottom of my heart will never be covered by dust because of the passage of time.

in the world, as long as hope and vitality remain alive, there will be a day when the clouds will clear up and the fog will dissipate.

early morning street

as the saying goes, "the plan of the day is the morning."

when you are in a bad mood, you might as well go to the streets in the morning.

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the busy streets hide the happy time of every city.

for office workers who get up early, some people are in a hurry with their bags in their arms, while others pick up the phone and start a day's work preparation.

the street cleaners are ready to clean up the dead leaves blown at night with the constant sweeping of the broom in their hands.

the old man walking along the street was moving his legs while listening to the sound from the radio.

the breakfast shop on the street has opened, and steaming food is on the stalls.

in this porridge, one rice, one dish and one soup, everyone who is too busy to feel life brings back a bag of fireworks and fireworks in the world.

someone split the busy word into two parts, half heart and half death.

this makes people sigh: "if people are too busy, their hearts will die."

in the past, we seem to be constantly resisting "busy".

daily travel and tiredness make us gradually out of touch with life.

the smoke and fireworks in the world is the warmest in the hearts of the people. Only life can cure life.

in fact, real life is hot, warm and colorful.

walking on the street in the early morning, enjoying the gift of the first ray of sunshine in the morning and feeling the fireworks in the street in the morning may be the best cure in life.

when you can't hold on, look at the morning in this city, steaming alive in ordinary days.

returning to life may give you the courage to regain your life.

things change, human feelings change, and "unhappiness" is the norm in life.

in the survival of this "examination paper", each of us to fill in the answer is not simple.

but as Shakespeare once said: no matter how long the night is, the day will come.

with hope, there will be a glimmer of light.

only if we can endure the hardships of hard work, life will give us a return to happiness.

, 2022 is coming to an end. May you endure the hardships of the moment, become your own light, and illuminate the way forward.