These three kinds of people bring their own noble spirit, please make a deep acquaintance for a lifetime.
These three kinds of people bring their own noble spirit, please make a deep acquaintance for a lifetime.
For the rest of your life, may the people who walk with you be optimistic and tough, and the people who get along with you are sincere.

Little Prince says:

"there is only one real luxury in the world, and that is human relations."

the sea of people is vast, if you keep company with evil, why suffer in the afterlife.

time is in a hurry, if you choose the good, you will not be afraid of both wind and rain.

there is only one life and only one heart. Only by making friends with each other can you enjoy the blessings.

I think these three kinds of people are the ones who deserve to know each other for the rest of their lives.

people with a good mindset

Button once said:

"the measure of a person's success is not the height at which he reaches the top, but the resilience when he falls to the bottom."

ups and downs are life, and some people can handle things and survive.

the twists and turns are fate, and some people can't bear the pain and raise their hands to beg for mercy.

this reminds me of my sister-in-law's experience of opening a shop and starting a business with her friends.

in the first two months, there was no one in the store. Not only did the two men not earn much money, they even put their principal into it.

doing business can't guarantee a steady profit, but my sister-in-law sits in the shop all day and sighs and puts forward the idea of closing the shop.

looking at the appearance of his sister-in-law's collapse, the friend comforted: "it's normal to do things. It's over. There's plenty of good scenery waiting for us."

later, my sister-in-law went to the nearby neighborhood to attract customers with her friends every day.

over time, business in the store has picked up, and there have been many repeat customers.

my sister-in-law no longer clamors about closing the shop, and she is even more admired and grateful when she mentions her friends.

Festinger's Law says:

"10% of life is made up of what happens to you, and the other 90% depends on how you react to what happens."

joys and sorrows are mixed, and most of the people who collapse when something happens, achieve nothing.

the world is changeable, and most of the people who do not give up on success or failure are willing to suffer.

people who see the state of mind in adversity and never give up on success or failure are better able to carry things and are worth making deep friends.

people with high EQ

Zeng Guofan once said: "there is room for words not to say, leeway for things not to be done, and charm for feelings that do not break up."

the mountain does not turn the water, everyone has its own difficulties, do not say anything, leave leeway, not only to show mercy to each other, but also to give yourself a way back.

once read such a story about a young girl who went to learn wood carving.

although she is full of confidence, the portraits she can carve are always far from satisfactory.

after seeing this, the old master instructed her and said, "carving is just like us as human beings. We should leave some leeway."

sculpt the nose to be big so that it can be changed to smaller later.

sculpt eyes should be small so that they can be enlarged and easily modified.

but if there is no room for change, if something goes wrong, the whole piece of good wood will be wasted.

it is written in the five ways of dealing with others:

"you don't have to say everything you know, but you don't have to be friends when you say it all; you don't have to be hard on others, and you don't have to be harsh when you do it."

some things are said absolutely, which will hurt people's hearts, and some things are done absolutely, which may bury the root of the disaster.

when contradictions occur, aggressiveness only increases grievances and further troubles, it is better to take a step back and be quiet.

was offended, smiled and left leeway, kept his demeanor, and won more respect.

being a person and doing things, forcing the other party to the end of the mountain and water, but relieving the gas for the moment and giving each other three inches of space can save the worry.

those who meet with EQ and show mercy to others can keep their mouth shut and keep their heart, so they are worth making friends with each other.

A person of good character

Dumas once said, "one or two sincerity is far better than a ton of cleverness."

sincere people match their words and deeds and make friends with them, with less hypocrisy and more peace of mind.

hypocritical population honey belly sword, deal with it, less warm and kind, more suspicious and jealous.

my aunt once told me about her experience of making friends.

at that time, she worked hard in Beijing and was short of money. A friend from out of town came to see her every now and then, and her name was to accompany her aunt to relieve boredom.

every time this friend comes, my aunt will take the initiative to give her the bed to sleep, and she will sacrifice her rest time to walk around with her friends on weekends.

this friend also said that she would take good care of her aunt when she went to her city in the future.

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but when my aunt really went, my friend looked impatient.

two people had a meal, and the money was shared equally. She also pretended that she was busy and left her aunt to find the hotel alone with her luggage.

after a while, she called again to ask for help, but her aunt didn't want to pay any attention to her.

as the saying goes, "A good mouth wins for a while, but you really win for a lifetime."

to interact with people is to have a heart-to-heart relationship with people, and to say all kind words is a piece of loose sand. Only by treating people with sincerity can we go a long way.

get along with sincere people, really feel, not tired.

it is difficult to get along with people who disobey their will.

people who associate with each other and keep sincerity are trustworthy and worthy of deep acquaintance.

John Donne once said:

"No one can live alone in the sea like an island. Everyone is like a piece of soil connected to a whole piece of land."

people live, that isA spiritual practice of constantly dealing with people, and choosing which kind of people to make deep acquaintance with is even more a trial.

those who can carry things will help you grow, those who know how to measure will share your worries, and those who are sincere will be happy with you.