Cleanliness is the best upbringing for a person.
Cleanliness is the best upbringing for a person.
Clean up your circle and welcome a better life.

Chekhov once said:

"everything in a person should be clean, whether it's face, clothes, heart or mind."

people live all their lives, not for wealth, but for innocence and cleanliness.

cleanliness is not only a good attitude towards life, but also the best upbringing for a person.

clean appearance is the best impression

Yang Lan said:

"No one has an obligation to discover your excellence through your sloppy appearance."

it's not right to judge people by their appearance, but each and every one of us can't help getting to know others from our appearance.

No matter how rich you are inside, hidden beneath your sloppy appearance, it's enough to be daunting.

keep a decent dress on the right occasion.

always pay attention to personal hygiene, keep clean and tidy, is the most basic self-cultivation.

when a Chinese woman meets guests, she always wears a plain and elegant cheongsam and wears a traditional bun.

does not have too much fat powder and jewelry, but appears to be very dignified and generous.

A clean appearance leaves a good first impression.

and decades of cleanliness and elegance not only moved others, but also showed charm to the outside world.

journalist Edgar Snow once wrote:

"she is neatly dressed and her beautiful face looks like a floating statue."

you don't have to be refined, but you can't be unclean;

you don't have to be elegant, but you have to be decent.

do not show off, do not exaggerate, have their own taste is very good.

Clean words are the best kindness

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen:

"A good word warms you in three winters, but a bad word hurts you in June."

sometimes, a seemingly casual sentence will spoil the fun of others and break their hearts if it is serious.

people who are outspoken will not have too high self-cultivation.

Wisdom is quick to speak for a moment, outspoken as an excuse and humiliating others as pride.

being kind to others is the bottom line of being a man.

to speak well is to be kind from the heart.

as the saying goes:

"there are straight trees in the mountains, but there are no straight people in the world."

A vicious person, full of evil thoughts, is bound to spit out quinoa.

good people, with a clean heart, naturally spit roses out of their mouth.

Qian Zhongshu was hospitalized in his later years and hired a country babysitter to take care of his life.

after he died, the babysitter recalled:

"every time Mr. Qian talks to me, he is very polite and respectful, for fear of stabbing me."

A truly educated person is bound to consider the feelings of others when he speaks.

such a person is gentle and firm at heart, and his words are calm and clean.

they know that to leave respect for others is also to save decency for themselves.

the circle is clean and it is the best self-discipline

Xunzi said:

"Pengsheng hemp, do not support themselves straight, white sand in nirvana, with it black."

the grass grows in the hemp field and can stand up without support.

when white sand is mixed into the black soil, it will become as black as the soil.

birds of a feather flock together, people are divided into groups, and it is also very common in life.

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the level of people in the same circle always affects each other.

if you fly with the Phoenix, you must be an ordinary bird; if you walk with a horse, you must be a Ji.

you don't have to have too many friends, just be useful, and the circle doesn't have to be too big, just be clean.

Zeng Guofan on making friends, summed up "Nine do not make friends":

those with different aspirations do not hand in; those who flatter do not; those who do not share gratitude and grievances do not;

those who are not filial piety will not pay; those who fall into the well will not pay; those who are greedy for petty gain will not pay;

those who are ungrateful do not hand in; those with poor conduct do not; those who are pedantic and stereotyped do not.

stop consuming yourself, get rid of those bad friends, bad friends, and give up those useless social activities.

Clean up your circle to welcome a better life.