540000 people imagined a nude photo of her. I think I threw up.
540000 people imagined a nude photo of her. I think I threw up.
Protect yourself, expose ugliness, and make every vulnerable group more safe!


this is the scariest news Uncle has seen recently.

after the nude photo of P, someone pretended to be the girl's boyfriend and spread the girl's true information.

from school to family, everything from height to appearance has been exposed.

the Internet is like a dark forest, where everyone has a false identity. She is pushed into the crowd by an invisible black hand, helplessly facing the gaze of 540000 people.

Group chat for dissemination

however, it is much more scary than that. after her personal information was leaked, countless people harassed her, including but not limited to--

there is a flood of terrifying verification news, with the initiator wearing a mask behind the screen to spread rumors in an attempt to ruin a girl's life.

things started out as a strange validation message--

"Hello, do you want to make friends?"

like an inconspicuous vision when an earthquake comes, the party concerned did not care and refused as usual.

but then the earthquake broke out--

her Weibo secondary account suddenly came to pay more attention.

A group of people have come to add friends on her Wechat.

at this time, the party concerned did not know how serious the matter was until someone sent her a creepy private message--

"× ×"? Someone sent a picture of you and a nude picture of you. "

this message made the girl shudder and her scalp numb.

imagine that one day a strange netizen suddenly said your real name and said that he had seen a naked picture of you.

have you been followed? Have you ever been obsessed with someone? Countless conjectures floated to mind.

the girl in question quickly calmed down after her fear and searched for an important piece of information among many adders--

Foreign communication software Telegram, referred to as TG, someone posted her personal information in the group, including nude photos of P, as well as countless abusive and humiliating words.

after the investigation of the girl in question, she identified a high school classmate, Chen, because the anonymous publisher and Chen have a common habit: type √ after each sentence.

the girl in question was very smart and calm, and posted a circle of friends visible only to Chen. Sure enough, there was a photo visible only to Chen in TG.

the real killer is sure-- Chen.

in the stage of confrontation and reporting to the police, although the girl concerned has been dealing with it with a cool head, the influence of this matter has far exceeded her expectations.

all her personal information has been exposed. Naked photos of P have been seen by 540000 people and even spread to the real world thousands of miles away--

the end of this matter has been settled, Chen has been detained, but the information revealed by the whole incident is chilling.

when a person wants to frame you, he doesn't even have to collect evidence, he just needs to look at your social platform all the time, P a nude photo, and spread it all over the network.

when you share the good daily life, countless people are hiding behind the Internet through photos, nasty thoughts and shameless humiliation.

the opposite side of the sun is always a shadow.

sadly, there is far more than one such secret and dirty thing.

in May this year, Douyin blogger

@ A can of fun

received a private message from ID named green white.

she was worried about a large number of private messages and comments, so the blogger blocked her, but in fact it was just the beginning.

Scallion Bai first found the blogger's Weibo and Little Red Book and began to write privately.

"Don't block me, I'm so sad."

"Hello, let's meet!"

"Let me out, this is my only number."

after the blogger blocked, he chose a more extreme way to cancel his account and restart it again, like an indestructible cockroach, and the private message was like a psychopathic crazy fantasy.

"Why didn't you reply to me? What's the difference between your behavior and a scumbag who doesn't take the initiative or refuse? "

"do you dare to say yes if I call you wife? Don't you dare answer me after calling your wife for so long? "

"wife, don't send any more photos. It's too easy to expose your privacy. What if I find you?"

the blogger contacted the platform customer service directly and blocked this person permanently, thinking that this was the end of the matter.

as a result, he directly found the blogger's work account and harassed the clay figurine again. The clay figurine was also angry. The blogger finally replied to him for the first time--

after the first reply, the green account released heavy information, and he said brazenly--

I know where your address is. "

at first, the blogger didn't believe it, until green green white gave out the details of his home address. At this point, it was no longer a simple private message harassment, and the blogger immediately chose to call the police.

but green and white is one step faster. He went straight to the blogger's house. When he saw the private message, anyone would get hairy--

I came to your house.

it was not until the police and friends were fully involved that the lush and dirty eyes stopped peeping.

and the experience of another bilibili up master is even more terrifying, Lord up.

@ plastic fork FOKU

received a message in class--

A message, the degree of terror skyrocketed.

within a year, up owners have been receiving off-and-on harassment messages with filthy content.

at first, I will pretend to be a girl and ask up master's socks


, followed by aboveboard harassment.

secretly poke and threaten the up Lord-"I know where you are."

after the Lord up calmed down, he began to follow the clues. After cross-examination, all the suspects gathered on one person-

A male classmate in high school.

up directly found the high school boy who had been out of touch for a long time. After the confrontation, the male classmate apologized.

but does he really think he's wrong? I'm afraid it's a matter of regret that the means are not secret enough and that someone else has found out, right?

in these incidents of online harassment, it is not difficult to see that the suspect is indeed very similar to a cockroach and is difficult to kill. He has countless channels to find you and always has a secondary account.

on the other hand, all the daily things shared by the parties on social platforms are used as material, either to fake rumors or to locate and track.

so, in order to prevent such people, should we completely put an end to sharing life?

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No, privacy is necessary, but it is futile to wrap yourself up completely.

because if a person has evil thoughts, no matter how clean your Internet account is, he can continue to harass you.

the bad guys don't change themselves because the good guys make changes.

to rape and harass others on the Internet is a secret and disgusting way.

there are shadows under the sun, and when each of us lives on the Internet wearing masks, there are countless people standing behind us wearing masks.

some people pursue the convenience of the information age and enjoy the joy of sharing, but there are others whose minds can never see the light, hide in the shadow and infinitely fantasize about people running in the sun.

and when the victim is female, there is an extra humiliation.

referring to the events of 540000 people, it is not difficult to find that when sharing, these cockroaches always give their victims smelly names such as "bitch" and "slut".

it seems that as long as a girl is affixed with these labels, she can be harassed infinitely.

so the parties' Weibo and Wechat exploded, because those who came to add all had the same idea--

"what's wrong with you when I add you?"

and snooping is only the first step, harassment can stimulate them the most, online harassment is a problem that many girls will encounter.

hiding in the dark to harass others, seeing the pain and fear of others, the suspected people's twisted and morbid psychology are satisfied.

if we flinch because of this, will we get peace?

No, not only will you not be at peace, but you will see them more unscrupulous, harassing you and laughing at your timidity and fear.

such people, like sewer rats, can only squeak in the dark, and when the sun comes out, they begin to run away.

fear is the soil that nourishes them, bullying the soft and the hard is their essence, and a heavy blow is the best sanction.

under the premise of protecting privacy, don't be afraid to share all the good things, and good people should not be held hostage by an environment of unprovoked fear.

when you encounter a dark pervert on the virtual Internet, don't be timid, but don't charge blindly, often walking by the river, where there are no wet shoes, the pervert will always show up one day.

just like many brave women come forward and expose their ugly masks in the sun, these originally arrogant people are just clowns.

in July this year, a girl won Porsche by starting her own business. she was happy to achieve wealth freedom on her own, so she shared the good news on the social platform.

but soon, questions and insults came at random, and most importantly, they took advantage of the anonymity of the Internet to bully car owners with small accounts and open their mouths with all kinds of foul language.

some of them

the Internet is not outside the law! Not every woman will choose to shut down after being harassed anonymously. the car owner has chosen to call the police, and the insulter has been punished accordingly.

it was courage to stand up in a cyber storm full of foul language, and there was more than one person who insulted the girl, but she all fought back one by one, so that the clowns dared not talk back.

this courage and strength not only protected her from real harm, but also inspired many girls-

Women are sometimes representatives of vulnerable groups, but they can also be a force.

when they were harassed by creepy groups, they confronted them head on, but when everything came to an end and the real killer was arrested, they still had a beautiful vision of yearning for the sun.

the girls who were harassed by Chen came forward and exposed the existence of this malodorous group.

the girl who was harassed by the fool came forward to protect other girls who had been harassed by him.

the girl who was excited by the clown stood up and told everyone not to compromise in the face of insults!

in the face of each other's anonymous identity, the enemy is in the dark and we are bright, still face it calmly, and use wisdom to resolve it. This kind of strength that coexists with tenderness is the beauty that only belongs to women.

protect yourself, expose ugliness, drive out the darkness in the sun, and let everyOne more security for each vulnerable group!