9 good habits to enrich yourself (permanent collection is recommended)
9 good habits to enrich yourself (permanent collection is recommended)
What you choose for the first half of your life determines the state of your life for the rest of your life.


Kazuo Inamori wrote in the living method:

"people do not need to stay away from the world. The workplace is the best place to practice their spirit, and work itself is a kind of spiritual practice."

era, new things emerge in endlessly, and everyone is facing great challenges and pressures.

only when you cultivate yourself well, can you not be afraid of the wind and rain of life.

Today, I would like to share with you 9 tips recommended by People's Daily to help us improve and advance step by step.


sense of direction

make conspicuous plans and define work objectives

Harvard University has conducted a follow-up survey of graduates for 25 years, and the results show that:

people with a clear sense of purpose have almost become elites from all walks of life;

for those who have no sense of purpose, most of their lives are mediocre.

thus it can be seen that there is no lack of a perfect plan in this world, but a clear goal.

Lin Qingxuan said:

"anyone who can be a general has lofty goals when he is a small soldier.

A soldier who only thinks about what a soldier should do will never become a general. "

in the world, the reason why many people can succeed depends on one goal after another.

the sooner a person knows his future direction, the sooner he can realize the value of life.

you might as well set yourself a small goal from now on.

make a detailed plan and implement it methodically.

it is inevitable that there will be ups and downs on the way to chasing a dream. Please don't give up easily, go forward without fear and try to get closer to it.

people with goals, even if they walk slowly, walk faster than those who wander aimlessly.



keep your energy focused and improve your work efficiency

you should also have seen a picture:

A man with a shovel was digging a well for water.

he took great pains to dig a lot of places, but he never found water.

in fact, there is a groundwater flow in all the wells dug.

it's just that he couldn't focus on a well and changed positions so frequently that he got nothing.

the same is true of many people in life:

A news pops up in the browser, and you can't help but click on it.

if there is any news in moments, pick up your phone immediately.

if colleagues want to help, let go of the work at hand immediately.

at the end of the day, you are distracted and you can't focus on one thing all the time.

only when you devote your limited energy to the most important things and concentrate on the most important things, can you do a good job.

as Emerson said:

"focus, love, and focus on what you want, and you will get something."

when doing one thing, you might as well get rid of all external distractions, concentrate, and focus on doing only one thing at a fixed time.

how focused we are, how efficient we are, and how perfect things are.

concentration is the beginning of excellence.



stay curious and improve your exploration of the world

many people do not know that the initial creation of Wechat stems from Zhang Xiaolong's curiosity.

at that time, Zhang Xiaolong was very curious about a dating software that reached 10 million users within 15 days of its launch.

then he keenly thought that a new chat software would be born in the future, which may pose a great threat to the way of chatting.

so he began to develop, and Wechat came into being.

Life is full of learning, and most of the time it is your curiosity that drives you forward.

ask more questions about everything and get to the bottom of it.

when we actively feel everything in life, the stronger the desire to explore, the more colorful our imagination will be.

Anthony Robin, master of success studies, said:

"Imagination can lead us beyond the grasp and vision of the previous scope."

just like the birth of Wechat, an inadvertent ingenuity has become a feat of life.

Life is always rewarded by those who are curious about the world.


get a sense of

Don't be afraid to bear hardships, only by persistence can you gain

there is a "duck effect" in psychology.

in general, when people see a duck swimming on the water, they think it is very leisurely and comfortable.

but when you dive underwater, you will find that, in fact, its duck flippers are paddling desperately all the time, without stopping for a moment.

all the ease and ease of the duck hides the unimaginable persistence and struggle.

there is no job in the world that is not hard, but there are also many people who do not want to endure hardships but want to have a successful career.

when you see other people's investment profits, they blindly follow the trend and lose the whole game.

in fact, there is no shortcut to success, it is often sprinkled with sweat.

if you avoid sweat, you have to bear tears.

Liu Tong said:

"you have to work very hard to look effortless."

settle down and be a long-term manWork steadily and strive for progress in the midst of stability.

Happiness watered with sweat is more lasting and fragrant.


positive energy

keep a stable state of mind and control your own life

someone once asked the legendary American chess master Josh Witzkin, "what's the best thing you've ever experienced?"

he said:

"I lost the national chess champion for the first time because it helped me avoid a lot of psychological traps."

Josh Wizkin's positive attitude in the face of failure is sincerely admired.

in life, we are faced with challenges all the time, what kind of mentality to face, what kind of results will be produced.

Yu Minhong once said:

"when you have the right state of mind, things can be done right and life can change for the better."

it is not easy for anyone to live a lifetime. In the face of suffering, a positive attitude is a sharp sword in our hands.

Don't worry about the present or worry about the future.

if you have the right mindset, the work will go well.



continue to cultivate yourself and enhance your core competitiveness


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once said:

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"whether we can continue to evolve or not is the most important reason to distance people from each other."

Management guru Peter Drucker said:

"A person's learning ability is his core competitiveness."

in this era of not advancing or falling behind, if you do not have enough ability to learn and evolve, then what awaits you is eliminated.

after all, one has limited energy and time in his life.

We can't make everything perfect, but we can choose to live a wonderful life.

keep working hard, keep ploughing deeply, let yourself develop good skills, and have skills that others can't match.

make the best of one thing and maximize your value.

has a unique core competitiveness, so that no matter where I go, I can remain invincible.


energy value

release your energy reasonably and enjoy life

someone asked a question online:

"it's also work, it's also 24 hours a day, why are some people in high spirits?" Some people are listless? "

in fact, the main reason is that everyone's energy value is different.

people who are energetic are cheerful, energetic and efficient.

people with insufficient energy tend to be tired, their emotions are negative, and their performance will be bad.

I have read a sentence: "A life full of energy is not easy to defeat."

Energy is the gas station of life. If you want to run fast, you have to refuel naturally.

allow yourself to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day, take a 30-minute nap at noon, and don't stay up late at night.

exercise on time, run for a while in the morning, or do yoga;

eat reasonably, eat less junk food, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

only if you keep your body at its best, you will naturally devote more energy to your work.

only by controlling the state of your body, can you have a life without fatigue and anxiety.



refuse to procrastinate and act immediately

on Zhihu, someone asked, "what kind of behavior is a waste of time?"

the most popular answer is: "procrastination."

laziness and procrastination are the biggest stumbling blocks to success.

it is undeniable that everyone has inertia, sometimes they don't want to work and want to escape.

but those who can achieve great things are all people who can restrain themselves and maintain self-discipline.

Don't put things off till tomorrow, things done today, done today.

in this way, work will not be in a mess and life will not be in chaos.

Li Tiantian, president of logical thinking, once said:

"there are always a lot of dilemmas in life. If you struggle between doing it and not doing it, then don't repeat it, do it right away."

Don't be afraid that things won't happen, don't worry about the bumpy road ahead.

only when you do it can you have the answer; only if you are wrong can you have experience.

only when you are willing to push yourself can you see what an excellent self looks like.



break the inertia of thinking and realize cognitive upgrading

many years ago, Wu Xiaobo was going to make a documentary about "Thirty years of agitation."

when the program group wanted to interview 30 parties, it was found that there were less than a few, and the program immediately reached a stalemate.

when everyone was at a loss, Luo Zhenyu said:

"Why do we have to interview the parties? Can't you interview bystanders? "

Wu Xiaobo suddenly enlightened after listening to this, not only successfully completed the shooting, but also won many awards.

Schopenhauer once said:

"the largest prison in the world is people's consciousness of thinking."

thinking and cognition, to a large extent, determine a person's success or failure.

it's like going step by step, there's nothing wrong with it, but if you want to get ahead, you must jump out of the "cognitive cocoon room" and upgrade your thinking.

only by constantly improving the ability of innovation, will it not be solidified by a fixed mode of thinking;

only playBreak the conventional habits, it is possible to ride off the dust in the increasingly competitive era.

Yang Jiang said in "walking on the Edge of Life":

"Life is really hard. Throughout our lives, we should constantly cultivate our souls and improve ourselves."

work is a spiritual practice, and everything you experience is your own experience.

in this world, there is never an absolutely stable position, only a constantly changing life.

encounter setbacks, do not procrastinate, face up to difficulties, try to break the situation;

accurately locate the direction of the future and quietly plow in the areas you are good at.

only if you can keep a steady state of mind, there is no mountain that cannot be climbed.

only by taking work seriously can we enjoy the good life that work brings.

, share with you.