After being called the "first soft rice man" in the entertainment industry, he was chased by Zhao Liying after his divorce with Hao Lei. Netizen: why is he?
After being called the "first soft rice man" in the entertainment industry, he was chased by Zhao Liying after his divorce with Hao Lei. Netizen: why is he?
Remember the original mind, go on without hesitation, everything is the best arrangement.

A few days ago, "Wind blowing Pinellia" finally ushered in the big end.

this era business war drama, which focuses on the survival and development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the 1990s, has been popular several times since it began broadcasting.

Zhao Liying plays Xu Banxia, who has been promoted and counterattacked all the way, and it can be seen from the title of the play that this is a leading actress.

but many people who watched the play at Zhao Liying ended up being attracted by Li Guangjie.

he plays Zhao Lei, a business executive with the experience of studying abroad.

this sometimes elegant, sometimes spicy, sometimes affectionate, sometimes gloomy character, under Li Guangjie's interpretation, shows a different kind of charm.

netizens have commented: not the slightest greasy, very Su, and Pinellia ternata.

indeed, the evenly matched love between Zhao Lei and Xu Banxia has made countless audiences addicted to life and death.

and with the explosion of "Wind blowing Pinellia ternata", Li Guangjie's heat has always been high.

I believe everyone is familiar with his face, but few people can call out his name.

in her 21 years of debut, Li Guangjie has played a variety of roles, each with a different flavor.

it can be said that he is not out of the circle because of luck, but because of his achievements over the years, he has finally been seen by everyone.

Li Guangjie, who was a student, was high achiever. Because of her excellent grades, she was directly admitted to the Central Academy of Drama.

Li Guangjie had already tasted the bitterness of life before he could enjoy college life.

in order not to be hungry, he changed most of his money into meal tickets, and he hardly participated in the group activities in the class.

in order to get ahead, when he was in college, he studied hard and won a scholarship.

20, Li Guangjie finally waited for the first inflection point in her life.

at that time, many students had access to the crew's resources before graduation.

Li Guangjie, who has no background and no connections, knows that he can only rely on himself, so he asks his classmates to take a bunch of photos, print his own information, and promote himself to the hostels where the crew is based.

in the theater, he is accompanied by temple-level actors like Wang Bing, Lu Zhong and Sun Chun. as a newcomer, he lives on thin ice every day.

it is rare that he not only withstood the pressure, but also handed in a brilliant achievement.

after the broadcast of "towards the Republic", there have been numerous favorable comments inside and outside the industry, and it is regarded as the pinnacle of Chinese historical drama.

even today, Douban has a high score of 9.6.

some students are jealous of his good luck, but they don't see how much time and energy Li Guangjie has put into seizing this opportunity.

at that time, Li Guangjie didn't know which cloud was raining. All he could do was to try his best to fight for every possible opportunity.

of course, it was those perseverance and efforts at a time of confusion that opened the door to the show business for him.

Li Guangjie should have been popular long ago from such a high starting point, but he chose a rugged and difficult road.

at that time, many people asked him to play the emperor with the script.

but he always remembers the teacher's warning that "good actors should have thousands of faces", so he turned down most of the same types of roles.

instead of consuming an actor's aura prematurely, he has been exploring his possibilities among different roles.

in "Great Rivers 2", he plays a powerful director, and when he plays Wang Kai, he stands up to the image of not being angry and arrogant with a few words.

in the Peace Hotel, he is the cold and murderous sheriff Dou Shiliang, who is fierce and cruel to the enemy and gentle and considerate to his wife and children.

in du Lala's Promotion, he changed his image as a tough guy and became a handsome and gentle urban elite.

he has been steady in show business for decades.

from the infancy of ignorance to the ease of switching between roles, he has contributed countless wonderful performances.

some people call him "exploding in acting", but he rejects it very much.

"is that a compliment?"

"as an actor, isn't it right that you have skills?"

just two sentences, tear open the fig leaf of internal entertainment flow.

the stars want to brag about their acting skills, which, in Li Guangjie's eyes, is only the most basic ability of an actor.

with a professional background, he carries the brand of the times, and he is always in awe of acting.

I have seen this pious and serious attitude in Chen Daoming, in Wang Jinsong, and in many old drama bones that are not accepted by the market.

in the eyes of these real actors, it doesn't seem to matter whether people are popular or not. the most important thing is to let the characters be remembered and the good works to be passed on.

Li Guangjie's life is full of twists and turns, and her emotional experience is also quite bumpy.

during the shooting of the TV series "Secret order 1949", he was impressed by Hao Lei's acting skills.

and Hao Lei has just finished her emotional entanglement with Deng Chao, and in the process of getting along with him, she is also rightHe took a fancy to him.

two young people who are full of love for acting soon got together.

but at that time, Hao Lei held several well-known works, regardless of achievements or fame, had to surpass Li Guangjie too much.

this relationship is faced with numerous criticisms before it blossoms and bears fruit.

Li Guangjie was blamed for all the fault. After the two broke up, Li Guangjie was labeled as a scum man and a soft rice man.

later he mentioned in the program:

"I am a very traditional person in the composition of the family. I must be the man on the outside and the woman on the inside."

in this relationship, no one is right or wrong, only whether it is appropriate or not.

the perfect partner at work is not necessarily the best partner in marriage.

the traditional original family gives Li Guangjie a conservative view of marriage, and his marriage to Hao Lei also makes him understand that what he needs is a woman who can take care of the family.

the appearance of Sui Yumeng satisfies all Li Guangjie's imagination of marriage.

after marriage, the two often post happy moments in their lives on the Internet. We can see that Li Guangjie, who used to be serious and introverted, has become much more lively and relaxed under the influence of her marriage.

in 2020, this happy family welcomed a lovely child.

since then, Li Guangjie's Weibo has been devoted to his wife and children's daily life except work.

when asked about the priority between family and career, he chose family without hesitation:

"because you can have another job, but the person in front of you is gone, you can't clone another one."

Li Guangjie has deep feelings about the importance of family.

at the beginning, part of Li Guangjie's college tuition fees came from her brother's education budget, but later, Li Guangjie, who had a firm foothold, took up the cost of her younger brother's going to college.

now, after the two brothers have taken root in Beijing, they have picked up their parents and the family can be reunited at any time.

for Li Guangjie, this is probably the so-called happiness with a happy marriage, a stable career and a warm family.

since his debut, Li Guangjie has performed a lot of excellent works, but some people still like to tease him with "the show is not popular."

but for him, "no one cares" is a state he prefers:

"like Wong Kar-wai, when he takes off his sunglasses in life, none of you know who he is. It's a very free and easy life."

despite being an actor, Li Guangjie is still a photographer, and his work has even been published in National Geographic magazine.

then he fell in love with diving.

after witnessing the deterioration of the marine environment, he chose to become the ambassador of the public welfare image of the Wildlife Rescue organization, calling on everyone to pay attention to and protect the marine environment.

"this is my return to the ocean as a diver."

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35 years old is another turning point in Li Guangjie's life, and many of his obsession that he couldn't let go before began to dissipate.

this year, he participated in "Crossing King" and bravely jumped out of his comfort zone.

usually, when she is not filming, Li Guangjie has been enjoying her life.

once he enters the working state, he will bring himself infinitely closer to the character, pondering the character's thoughts, words and deeds.

people who like him feel that he has always lacked a good role, but he understands that traffic and exposure are not his pursuit.

he lived a sober life and always knew what he wanted.

"maybe ten or twenty years later, people will forget the actress Li Guangjie, but they have left some achievements in the history of TV dramas or movies, which will not be forgotten so easily."

this year, Li Guangjie is 41.

in an interview, the reporter asked him: how do you evaluate yourself as a newcomer?

he said calmly, wanting to say to himself at that time: every step you took was right, and keep going.

Yes, there are always all kinds of unhappiness on the way of life, and we don't need to complain or resist.

remember the original mind, walk slowly, everything is the best arrangement.

, may everyone, like Li Guangjie, be free from anxiety, confusion, take every step in front of him, and live a free and regrets life.