Amazing six rules of time, instantly awake after reading
Amazing six rules of time, instantly awake after reading
Only when one learns to make good use of time can one control the direction of fate.


there was a debate topic in Qifa Shuo:

"if people could buy and sell their life time freely, would you support it?"

A discussion by contestant Chen Ming has been very impressive so far.

he said:

"No matter who you are, where you are, born in a wealthy family or in a small mountain village, 24 hours a day.

time is the only and last fair on the planet. "

Life is a fair exchange with time as a bargaining chip.

the weak waste time, and then mediocrity; the strong make the best use of their resources, and eventually come true.

only when one learns to make good use of time can one control the direction of fate.

28 rule

some people say that in a person's life, trouble is stacked with trouble, and things are chasing things.

if you insist on doing everything well, it's easy to fall into a cycle of inefficiency.

28 rule states that 80% of the output or results often come from 20% of the inputs or actions.

Life does not need to be comprehensive, focusing on the core 20% is enough to control the overall situation.

Buffett once gave his private pilot Flint three steps in life planning:

first of all, write down the top 25 goals in life on paper.

secondly, choose the top five goals that you think are the most important;

there is a high-frequency word in "among the Seven habits of highly effective people": priority comes first.

liberate time from trifles and focus on key goals that have a huge impact in order to ride off the dust on the track of life.

for example:

find out the key customers that affect the performance, and maintain their service.

summarize the core skills of driving work, and settle down to sharpen your refinement.

sort out the major projects you are responsible for and make them perfect.

Lin Yutang once said:

"the wisdom of life is to gradually clarify and filter out the unimportant impurities and retain the most important parts."

there is no need for greed in life. Selective focus is always more meaningful than being busy.

introspection rule

A student complains to his tutor:

"I soak in the lab all day, but why does it never bear fruit?"

the tutor asked, "what are you doing during the day?"

the student said, "I am doing an experiment."

the tutor asked, "what about the evening?"

students answer:

"I am also doing the experiment. I get up at 5 o'clock every day and don't rest until 12:00 in the evening."

the tutor smiled and said:

"so, when are you thinking?"

the students were dumbfounded and could not answer.

Yes, I have been busy doing experiments without sorting out and analyzing the data. How can I make any progress?

I can't help thinking of the "rat race trap" mentioned in the book Poor Dad and Rich Dad.

the mice on the runner run desperately on their hairy legs, but they have no idea:

the right way to get cheese is to jump up.

for example, many people just chase and forget to stop to examine and review what they have done.

the result is often:

ineffective efforts, repeated mistakes, never to return on the mediocre road.

there is a formula in "lifelong growth": reflection + pain = progress.

Life is an irresistible advance, and only by checking frequently to make up for gaps can we move forward steadily.

A celebrity once said:

"I don't have a big advantage over others, so what's my advantage?

is diligent in reviewing. "

he went on to explain that he was used to reviewing past work and figuring out if this was the right path.

Don't cover up strategic laziness with tactical diligence.

the really strong are all transformed and mature in introspection and internal drive.

Circle rule

I have seen the McDonald's employee work manual on the Internet, which has extremely stringent regulations on time:

for example, fried beef patties take 4 minutes, chicken wings take 6 minutes, McNuggets take 3 and a half minutes, and chicken legs take 4 and a half minutes.

after the food is fried, the kitchen staff should immediately put it on the filter for 4 to 7 seconds, because it will be greasy in less than 4 seconds and dry in more than 7 seconds.


can't help feeling:

No wonder the small fried chicken restaurant can sweep the world.

the rule-making is so refined that it is bound to achieve something, from enterprises to individuals.

as the saying goes:

"only by keeping the rules can you keep your life."

in addition to setting goals, it is best to configure corresponding implementation plans and codes of conduct, so as to make time more controllable.

Zeng Guofan practiced the "rules" to the extreme in his life.

he set 12 daily classes for himself, covering work and rest, meals, reading, work, sports, words and deeds, etc.Noodles.

moreover, the daily class content is very detailed:

including the time to get up, the number of pages to read, the type of books, the length of writing, etc., all have quantitative requirements.

he improves himself by following these norms and polishing them little by little.

from a "stupid"stupid boy" to a "perfect man" through the ages.

in the final analysis, people are always lazy, do not set rules, it is easy to muddle along and waste their time.

try to be the "planner" of your life and give important time to KPI.

it is really tiring to move forward in the rules, but as long as you stick to it and take things step by step, you will eventually gain a better self.

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prosody rule

have seen such a video:

Cheetahs chase scattered antelopes on the vast African prairie.

but it will only stare at one from beginning to end, even if other antelopes are closer on the run.

if you change your target easily, you will only waste your energy.

it is better to keep a steady pace, but it is easier to succeed.

the wisdom of the cheetah is the embodiment of the Law of Rhythm.

develop a rhythm that suits you, and don't easily let go of what you're doing and do something completely irrelevant.

continuous concentration and deep ploughing can often achieve unexpected results.

in "Deep work", a very practical "closure method" is introduced:

set a closed period of time, turn off mobile phones, e-mails, QQ, Wechat, etc., to block all external noise.

then deal with challenging issues and strive for breakthroughs as soon as possible.

when the writer Yu Hua was writing, he was used to being alone, and sometimes he even had to lock himself in his study and cut off all sounds.

Disney CEO Robert Iger gets up at 04:30 every year, because in this undisturbed time, he can think better.

make a reasonable and easy to practice schedule according to the actual situation.

set aside enough focus time to ensure rhythm and reduce unnecessary interference.

of course, don't interrupt the work of other colleagues at will, so that the whole team can keep its output efficiently.

reduction rule

Ren Zhengfei once laid down an iron rule for Huawei management:

for each additional process, two processes are reduced; for each additional review point, two review points are reduced.

because in his opinion:

"redundant processes bring complexity and must be continuously simplified."

indeed, the difficulty of the job is often proportional to the number of steps.

the more complex the process, the longer the execution time, and the more likely it is to increase internal friction.

in many cases, fewer steps will save time and improve efficiency and quality.

once met a leader who admired him very much:

she joined the department during the trough, and as soon as she arrived, she began to be in charge of the annual exhibition.

in accordance with the usual practice, colleagues have prepared plans for their respective sections and reported to them one by one.

it never occurred to me that only the first person had finished speaking, he would be completely denied.

it turns out that the previous leaders always asked everyone to formulate detailed plans for various dimensions and strictly implement layers of examination and approval to prevent mistakes.

but the new leader is not.

she advocates that the process is very simple. as long as the fixed tone division of labor is completed, there is no need to go through the procedure for small-scale adjustments.

as a result, the press conference was well organized that year, and even burst out a lot of brand-new ideas, which was finally well received.

in previous years, people were still waiting in line for signature the day before deadline.

writer Maugham said:

"often the simplest expedient can solve the most insurmountable difficulties."

make everything simple, get rid of the turnips and pack them light.

only in this way can we maximize the return for our efforts.

Investment rules

A young man asked Darwin:

"you are old and frail, and you are sick all the time. How did you achieve so much?"

Darwin smiled:

"because I never thought that thirty minutes was a trivial period of time."

when you walk thousands of miles, you accumulate a little.

the gap in life is often opened in minutes and seconds.

Hua Luogeng, a famous mathematician, cherished time all his life. He often used all the fragmented time to enrich and improve himself.

when attending the art party, others were chatting and walking around during the break, while he silently calculated the math problems on the program.

he said:

"time is accumulated by minutes and seconds, and people who are good at making use of sporadic time will make greater achievements."

the rule of time investment points out:

invest at least one hour a day in the brain and make full use of fragmented time to learn.

in this rapidly changing era, if you want to gain a foothold, you must maintain the continuous iteration of cognition.

you can start your day by listening to books when you wash up in the morning.

you can learn yourself online on your commute.The selected course.

you can read some short articles between queues.

Franklin once said:

"No one can take it when he spends all his money to seek knowledge.

invest in knowledge and benefit the most. "

consolidate your moat in your study, which is the greatest vision for the rest of your life.

as the old saying goes:

"the wise men cherish the year, the sages cherish the day, and the saints cherish the time."

the more one understands the value of time, the easier it is to climb the heights of life.

well plan every second of your life, not in vain, not wasted.

the future is uncertain, you and I are both dark horses.

as Borges said:

"time always bifurcates and leads to countless futures."

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