Another celebrity couple announced their divorce. Congratulations: it's time to split up long ago!
Another celebrity couple announced their divorce. Congratulations: it's time to split up long ago!
Only by giving each other enough trust and full respect will it be easier to go on for a long time.

recently, a "deadly woman" ignited the anger of the whole network.

netizens have left "run away" in bold capitals on the public screen, advising their husbands to divorce safely.

but in theory, a woman who has not been taken seriously for a long time, or even almost jumped off a building in the eighth month of pregnancy, obviously deserves more sympathy from everyone.

Why did she become the target of public criticism this time?

the divorce variety "Goodbye Love 2" attracted a lot of attention soon after it was launched.

Song Ningfeng and Zhang Wanting, the couple, directly pushed the discussion to a new and most exciting part.

maybe there are many friends who don't know who they are yet, so let's take a brief look at them first.

Song Ningfeng is an actor, and the more popular title is Zhou Xun's ex-boyfriend and Qixi's ex-husband.

Zhang Wanting is Mei Ting's agent, mainly responsible for the behind-the-scenes work.

the two of them not only have different job attributes, but also have diametrically opposite personalities, and their state of getting along with each other on the program first exposed this point.

Zhang Wanting said such a thing in her later harvest.

they often have disputes in their lives, and if they argue, they will escalate to hands-on.

(here the woman unilaterally crushes over the man)

when she was most emotional, she held the crying baby in one hand and pinched Song Ningfeng's neck in the other, cursing the worst words.

the scene is suffocating even when I think about it.

she seems to have an extreme lack of sense of security for the relationship, and over time, this unease turns into a source of belittling and controlling the other person.

program, when Song Ningfeng played Frisbee with others, she had a rare relaxing moment, which she saw in her eyes and hated in her heart.

could not help interrupting them and mocking his ugliness in front of everyone.

when everyone talked about the vision of choosing a partner, Zhang Wanting said sarcastically:

"you are really lucky to meet someone like me as a wife, but how can I find a drag bottle like you?"

for a moment, people looked at each other in silence and didn't know how to continue.

although Song Ningfeng could not hide his embarrassment, he took the initiative to take the conversation and try to ease the atmosphere.

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, he just pulled Zhang Wanting's shoulder, and she immediately stared at him without a smile and said:

"I gave you a face."

whether to say it or not is very much like the way the director teaches the students. It makes people dare not to speak out.

even across the screen, you can feel the embarrassment that your self-esteem has been hit hard.

not only are we in front of the screen, but other guests in the program are also keenly aware that there seems to be a serious problem between them.

so, while Song Ningfeng was away, she tried to comfort Zhang Wanting and asked them where their contradiction was.

but Zhang Wanting said solemnly, "No, he must be there!" The sinner must be present! "

the appearance of a judge, who did not know, thought that Song Ningfeng had committed some heinous crime.

some netizens questioned whether Zhang Wanting was forced into this by her husband's cold violence.

this doesn't seem to be the case on the show. Even if Zhang Wanting can't restrain her hot temper, Song Ningfeng will still be considerate and worried about her warmth.

before the start of a trip, Zhang Wanting and Song Ningfeng stressed that they should only talk about feelings, not about work.

as a result, she took the initiative to start the conversation, accusing Song Ningfeng of being an actor who could not even perceive the mood of the pillow person.

just after hearing this, Song Ningfeng was about to explain, she immediately suppressed the rebuttal and continued to export unilaterally.

when she finished, Song Ningfeng wanted to continue to express her thoughts, but Zhang Wanting directly choked: "you are forbidden to speak!"

in the next ten minutes or so, Zhang Wanting interrupted Song Ningfeng's mouth seven times.

this is not the end, there is a guest to help them analyze the conflict objectively.

Zhang Wanting unexpectedly broke the defense and directed her anger at everyone indiscriminately.

she thought that everyone only helped Song Ningfeng, blamed her, and angrily got up and left.

in the evening, she talked to Song Ningfeng alone and shouted in a breakdown:

"it's like this every time, you have nothing to do, and each and every one of you can get out."

throughout the whole story, it is clear that she is the one who is aggressive, but she is the one who is aggrieved in the end.

she is like an island, bemoaning that she is not understood on the one hand and preventing everyone from coming near on the other.

formed a closed loop that trapped itself step by step, resulting in a dilemma.

many people can't help but wonder, is it because they don't love?

I think on the contrary, it may be because of love that causes a series of problems.

Yes, although Zhang Wanting seems unreasonable, she does love Song Ningfeng.

go back to the beginning of their relationship.

when she heard her friend say that Song Ningfeng was divorced, she immediately patted the table and said, "Xiao Song is suitable for me!"

In this way, they knew that less than a month later, Zhang Wanting was pregnant.

the subsequent contradictions have been deeply rooted here-unfamiliarity.

they both said in the interview: "I don't know what this man is like."

so, at first, she thought she could save each other, but then she gradually became restless and anxious.

and Song Ningfeng's state when he was with his ex-wife is also completely different from what it is now.

his real name is actually Song Ning, because his ex-wife Qi Xi said, "the stream comes from the peak," so he changed his name to Song Ningfeng.

enough to see that this relationship carries some weight in his heart.

after seeing how he loves another person, he will naturally compare it. Zhang Wanting therefore often worries about gains and losses and decides that Song Ningfeng doesn't care about her.

however, Song Ningfeng said in the program: "if divorce will be very painful."

he thanked Zhang Wanting from the bottom of his heart. Even though she was always making trouble, he never thought of being separated from her.

the problem with Song Ningfeng is that he is obviously 10 years older than Zhang Wanting and has a period of marital experience, so he should think about the results of all problems more maturely.

but it is easy to walk in a hurry along the direction of Zhang Wanting's traction, set off by hazy feelings.

when life changes 360 degrees with choice, he doesn't have enough mood to accept it.

this kind of unresponsive daze has become the proof of "not loving" in Zhang Wanting's eyes.

Zhang Wanting said that Song Ningfeng is an out-and-out "love brain".

who would have thought that this evaluation came from Zhang Wanting

when she was pregnant, Song Ningfeng constantly expressed her love to her to reassure her.

because she was preoccupied with solving real economic problems, Song Ningfeng gave her all her bank cards.

seeing her sudden bad mood, Song Ningfeng bought her a marriage proposal ring through loans, borrowing money from friends, and so on.

in fact, in all aspects of detail, we can see that Song Ningfeng is giving his heart, but it is often ignored by Zhang Wanting.

just like in the exchange of love letters set up by the program group, Song Ningfeng not only carefully analyzed his own shortcomings, but also sincerely thanked Zhang Wanting for her giving and love.

word by word, everyone was deeply moved, and Zhang Wanting's eyes were full of tears.

but what she said in her mouth did not seem to be as moved as the tears left behind:

"you don't know why you're here, do you? you're here to love me. You figure it out. You're still here to write about your sadness. Why are you writing about me like that?" You really take it to a higher level. "

it is obvious that much of it is the transmission of love, but all she cares about is Song Ningfeng's writing about her shortcomings.

it is obvious that there is love between them, but neither of them knows how to love.

one is trying to get close to each other, trying to dilute the contradiction between each other;

while the other just wants to get the emotional resonance of each other around him, making the already precarious relationship even worse.

but the relationship is mutual, and if two people move in different directions, it will be difficult to achieve the same goal in the end.

there is a sentence in the movie "the next meeting":

"sometimes you want to prove it to 10,000 people, and in the end, you find that only one person who understands is enough."

Marriage is not a game, and even if you fight hard, there will be no real winner.

when you can't feel the other person's heart, you might as well step out of that line of defense. In fact, your partner may not be that bad.

it is easier to go on for a long time only by giving each other enough trust and full respect.

, I hope this couple can find a happy ending for each other.

I also hope that we can all reflect on ourselves in time, cherish every hard-won love, and don't erase a handful of sincerity.