Huo Qigang was "promoted" again, and Guo Jingjing appeared on the hot search in down and down, hitting how many people in the face: the more abstemious marriage, the more advanced.
Huo Qigang was "promoted" again, and Guo Jingjing appeared on the hot search in down and down, hitting how many people in the face: the more abstemious marriage, the more advanced.
No matter who you are with, marriage is your own spiritual practice.

the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts held a fund-raising dinner. Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing, who had just been elected Hong Kong representatives with high votes, were also invited to attend.

Guo Jingjing still maintains her usual simple style, wearing a simple and low-key down jacket, generous and indifferent, while Huo Qigang warms his wife all the way.

Guo Jingjing's long gray down jacket is obviously much more simple than other ladies who are full of jewelry and try to save face for their husband.

but with her neat hair and elegant makeup, we can see that Guo Jingjing has also dressed up seriously. by virtue of her temperament alone, she has easily overwhelmed other powerful wives.

after the video was exposed, some netizens commented:

"Guo Jingjing's excellence is incomparable to that of a lady."

"marrying Guo Jingjing must be an addition to Huo Qigang."

"Guo Jingjing plays an important role."

indeed, for the Huo family, who has always wanted to enter politics, the halo of Guo Jingjing's world championship is undoubtedly the icing on the cake, a scarce resource that no amount of money can buy.

and Guo Jingjing's hard-working quality is also highly valued by the Huo family.

Father-in-law Huo Zhenting once publicly commented on her:

"Guo Jingjing was married to our Huo family, and it is the honor of the Huo family to marry her."

not only that, but the fear of the "rich family fertility machine" has not happened.

in an interview, mother-in-law Zhu Lingling once said: "it's hard to take care of children. Jingjing also has her own career. She has the final say whether to have a few children or not."

one sentence blocked the mouth of the media.

in order to pursue Guo Jingjing, Huo Qigang started to learn Pinyin and Putonghua from the beginning, and must abide by the three criteria laid down by Guo Jingjing:

first of all, it can't take up my training time;

second, you can't come to the training ground to see me;

third, you can't get married before retiring.

wherever Guo Jingjing is, Huo Qigang always sits quietly in the auditorium with long guns and short guns, cheering for her.

after Guo Jingjing gave birth to her first child, Huo Qigang personally made soup for her before going to work every morning.

when he is busy at work, even for an hour, Huo Qigang will go home to see his wife and children.

from being in love for 12 years to getting married, the happiness and confidence on Guo Jingjing's face have never changed.

in an interview, she once said:

"for things I can't control, I have to know what I'm doing and what I want."

indeed, marriage is like a ship, and we are at the helm.

but happiness and respect in marriage are never given by others, but earned by themselves.

recently, he Wenna posted a video of sweet dancing with her husband on the social platform, but netizens were ungrateful and "urged to leave" several times in the comment area:

"Why are you still together? why are you wronged to live with a man like this?"

"I came from the variety show to see if she got divorced, and then I thought, what's the use of being in a hurry if you don't know how to love yourself?"

the reason why netizens are so aggrieved is that in the variety show 21 days before Marriage, the marriage preparation process of he Wenna, who married with a child, is so suffocating.

in the preparatory stage of marriage, the man has no regard for the feelings of the woman.

according to the local customs and the physical condition of her daughter, he Wenna's mother suggested that the wedding should be held after the "out of the cabinet wine", which is reasonable.

but Liang Chao and his mother-in-law insist that the wedding is the home, and the order of the two cannot be reversed.

so the mother-in-law joked: "how can you marry if we don't get married?"

as a result, he said arbitrarily, "all the kisses are over."

this made he Wenna say angrily, "then we still want to get married!"

it's not easy to get to the stage of preparing for the wedding.

he Wenna Man

express expectantly that you want

A wedding at Disneyland.

is rejected by Liang Chao as "very low", which makes his director friends laugh at him too much


he Wenna doesn't want to eat meat because she has a poor appetite for pregnancy, but her mother-in-law still thinks that "eating meat is good for the child." in a tough tone, she let her eat it.

although he Wenna declined several times, she was forced to eat several pieces until she was so sick that she threw up.

after the program, he Wenna gave birth smoothly, but on the Weibo posted by Liang Chao, only the controversy caused by the program was clarified and there was no mention of he Wenna giving birth.

are also married into wealthy families, but Guo Jingjing has a say in marriage. Even her father-in-law, Huo Zhen-ting, is afraid of her three points and "doesn't give me any face at home."

the reason why Guo Jingjing can carry such weight in the Huo family is inseparable from her personal temper.

was born in an ordinary family, but he can say confidently: "there are many rich families, but there are few champions!"

30, I put aside everything and went abroad to study alone.

others compete to take part in all kinds of social activities and are active in various circles. She wears Chinese clothes to promote traditional culture.

once went on the hot search for wearing a 3-yuan hair ring, Guo JingJing can't laugh or cry after listening to it:

"doesn't everyone use this? I don't know what's so special about it. People sell it for 3 yuan. You can't force others to sell it for 300 yuan. What do I use if I don't use this? "

not only that, Guo Jingjing has been wearing that dress for five years.

the bag in hand is only 300 yuan.

the rich family is not a manifestation of her identity, she still maintains her own pace of life, does what she wants to do, and blooms her own light.

this "sense of relaxation" is also the most attractive thing in Huo Qigang's eyes:

"she is a treasure to me, at first I like her strong, calm, champion halo. But after being together for so long, I can still find something new in her that moves me. "

always maintain an independent and upward posture, "relaxation" to dominate their own life, is the courage and courage to treat marriage calmly.

there is a hot comment on Zhihu:

"to get married is to find a partner, not to rely entirely on it. After marriage, you still have to be independent and grow up, because no one can realize your life plan for you."

I think so.

Marriage and love are never refuges, and don't test human nature easily, because the results are often not optimistic.

and people's life is doomed to their own loneliness, only you can redeem yourself.

in Jia Zhangke's film "sons and daughters of rivers and lakes", Brother Bin is the local "boss" and happens to be his girlfriend.

just when the two were about to get married, Brother Bin was plotted and attacked in the street. Qiao Qiao took all the responsibility for his crimes and was sentenced to five years in prison, while Brother Bin was only imprisoned for one year.

five years later, Qiao Qiao was released from prison. in order to find Brother Bin, she found Guangzhou from Shanxi and finally found Brother Bin. at this time, he is no longer a "local snake", and there are new people around him.

the coincidences of having nothing to lose do not give up, and know that you have to live on your own.

on the way back, she had her wallet stolen, harassed by the motorcycle driver, and got out of the car resolutely after being cheated. In the worst of times, she could not afford to eat, so she could only rub her wedding banquet with a fake flower.

after Qiao Qiao returned to his hometown, he took care of the mahjong parlor that Brother Bin once covered and hired several former mahjong boys to help. This is a care for several unemployed people.

from a title without a name, to a person with a name and surname, a woman who used to be a big brother, has really become a boss.

later, Brother Bin suffered from cerebral hemorrhage due to alcoholism and returned to Datong in a wheelchair.

half-body hemiplegia, he can't even let the wheelchair walk half a meter alone. People walk cool, no one takes into account the past scenery of Brother Bin.

Binbin is slowly getting better under the care of Sister Qiao. he has no face to Qiao's kindness, and he can't believe that the little woman who once attached to him is now a convincing "Qiao Jie", and he is just a loser.

"gone" is the last word Binbin left to Qiao Jie, and it is also his last dignity.

from men's accessories to independent women in control of fate, they coincidentally won the conviction of everyone and lived their own lives.

as Liang Wendao said, it is important that women have something that others cannot take away.

and this thing is exactly independent.

an independent personality can keep you awake and know how to fight for the life you want.

only in this way, there is no need to make your partner happy with "over-dedication" and "blind attachment".

and marriage is originally a game, and we must always be on a par with our opponents in order to stay dependent and cherish each other for a long time.

as Shu Ting wrote in to the Oak Tree:

if I love you--

is not like the climbing Lingxiao flower,

borrow your high branches to show off;

if I love you--

never learn from infatuated birds,

repeat monotonous songs for the shade;


I must be a kapok plant near you,

stand with you as the image of the tree.


We share the cold wave, thunder and thunder;

We share mist, haze and rainbow.

there is never a perfect partner or a perfect marriage in the world. Whether marriage is besieged or not depends on your own choice.

Marriage is a spiritual practice no matter who you are with.

improve yourself patiently and make progress hard, so that you can go further together on the road of life.

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May you love what you choose, cherish the present, and have certain happiness in the fireworks.

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