Maggie Cheung's recent situation has been exposed: living alone in the slums, wearing 19 yuan stalls, no children, she is too presumptuous
Maggie Cheung's recent situation has been exposed: living alone in the slums, wearing 19 yuan stalls, no children, she is too presumptuous
May Maggie Cheung get better and better, and may everyone enjoy the moment and love bravely.

recently, Maggie Cheung, who has been seen for 18 years, has appeared in the public eye again.

short reddish brown hair, smoky makeup, navel sling.

wearing headphones and holding his hands high, he played a handsome disc in the crowd.

even Aaron Kwok and Nicholas Tse, on one side, also shake their heads and become "little fans."

some netizens joked about this:

"looking at the clothes they were wearing, I thought they were waiters."

I have to say that Maggie Cheung, who is over 50 years old, is still as domineering as she was then.

in the 1980s and 1990s, many dazzling actresses emerged in the Hong Kong film industry.

one of them is the magnificent Maggie Cheung.

5 Golden Horse Awards;

after 11 nominations for Academy Awards, he won the crown for 5 times.

the queen of Berlin and Cannes.

her award record has so far been unsurpassed.

even though she has been resting for 18 years, there are legends about her all the time.

many people call Maggie Cheung a "girl with thousands of faces".

on screen, she can be both fierce and passionate, as well as dignified and elegant;

can be both fashionable and voluptuous, but also pure and lovely.

looking back at her classics, you will find that she is simply a born actress.

but is this really the case?

obviously, it's not.

Leslie Cheung once said, "Maggie Cheung can't act."

Tony Leung is more direct: "if you don't know anything about acting, go home."

even the Hong Kong media can't help laughing: "Beauty is beautiful, without a soul. She is like a walking vase."

maybe she is wearing the halo of "runner-up in beauty pageant", and directors keep coming to her door.

partnered with Tony Leung Chao-wai and Leslie Cheung as superstars, the response was good, and their debut was the peak.

but at that time, her acting skills were immature, and her roles were all good-looking, meaningless types.

she pretended not to care and called herself a star because she was vain.

until 1985, she starred in the play Police Story.

because he couldn't get into the character for a long time, he was scolded by Jackie Chan.

"do you know how many people have wasted their time because of you?"

A clip has been filmed more than 30 times, Jackie Chan is very helpless.

but stubborn, she resolutely refused to do it and refused to use a stand-in until she was satisfied.

later, in order to improve her acting skills, she made more than a dozen films a month.

these plays revolve around young girls, and there is no great breakthrough in image and acting skills.

fortunately, Maggie Cheung met an important person in life--

Director Wong Kar-wai.

under the guidance of Wong Kar-wai, she learned to find an emotional entry point.

only then did she know that the play could be filmed like this.

Maggie Cheung's acting skills have improved by leaps and bounds since 1992.

she gave one brilliant role after another.

in the New Dragon Inn, the bold and spicy gold inlaid jade walks among men with all kinds of amorous feelings.

in the Green Snake, the graceful Xiaoqing, who doesn't understand the appearance of human love, I see still pity.

in the most classic "Sweet Honey", the scenes of them riding bicycles are still being imitated by various idol dramas.

A crying scene, from laughing to tearful collapse, has been called a "textbook" so far.

there are also many classic characters such as "Ruan Lingyu" and "in the mood for Love" with remarkable achievements.

after 20 years of debut, she won 26 films and became a "man god" praised by everyone.

but career and love are in a dilemma.

after going well in her career, she has a lot of twists and turns in her feelings.

later, my parents were at odds with each other and chose to divorce.

she has felt lonely and longed for a complete family since she was a child.

"Why do you think love is the most important thing in life?"

she almost blurted out:

"it's depressing if you don't fall in love."

she is willing to be a slave to love and yearns to be loved again and again.

but contrary to one's wishes, Maggie Cheung always meets bad people and often meets scum men.

when she first made her debut, she fell in love with hairstylist Eric.

to take care of your boyfriend's feelings, return all the intimate scripts.

but unexpectedly, in exchange for falling into the "threesome".

in the face of the scum man, Maggie Cheung couldn't stand it and pulled out immediately.

in 1991, a similar scene was repeated.

while filming the Twin cities Story, she fell in love with Hank, the art director, and made it public.

he sold Maggie Cheung's love letter to the magazine and appeared in the newspaper.

for a while, Maggie Cheung was ridiculed, said to be uneducated and deceived.

when she was frustrated in love, she had no choice but to continue to devote herself to her career.

period, Tsui Hark invited her to film "New Dragon Inn" as gold and jade.

compared with all previous rolesDifferent, Maggie Cheung's beauty is magnified to the extreme.

this time, Maggie Cheung is still in love.

she met businessman Song Xueqi on the plane, and the two quickly fell in love.

for Song Xueqi, she turned down many blockbusters.

asked why, Maggie Cheung said she didn't want to be separated from her boyfriend for too long.

even his best friend Zha Xiaoxin said:

"the person who loves most is Song Xueqi."

however, only a year later, Song Xueqi's company was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Maggie Cheung did not hesitate to take out all her savings to help her boyfriend tide over the difficulties.

who knows, Song Xueqi turned to the rich daughter and resolutely gave up Maggie Cheung.

Maggie Cheung, who has failed many times in love, focuses on her career again.

but who would have thought that when she was not so persistent, fate arranged a marriage for her.

in 2000, Maggie Cheung, 36, announced her marriage at the press conference of in the mood for Love.

it is said that when she got married, she was accompanied only by her sister, not even her parents.

the reason is that the husband is having an affair.

in the face of vulnerable feelings, she said:

"I've never had an emotional gap. I love it every time. When I meet another person who fascinates me, I will forget all about that one before. My secret of love is to enjoy every love to the extreme. "

in 2008, Maggie Cheung talked about the concept of emotion in A date with Luyu.

when I was young, I longed for marriage and love.

but now she finds that she has more than that, but more meaningful things.

she regained her hobby, playing rock and roll and learning drums.

in 2014, she rebelled with an explosive head.

sing "Sweet Honey" at the scene of Shanghai Strawberry Music Festival.

it's just that the whole process is out of tune and mockery is everywhere.

after being sad, she is not going to give up.

"after acting in more than 20 plays and being laughed at at the vase, I just started to sing. It's right to be laughed at. Please give me 20 more chances."

now she is enjoying the moment and living a natural and comfortable life.

live in slums, wear 19 yuan to sell goods, go to the mountains to teach, do public welfare …...

sing if you want to sing, fall in love if you want.

Tony Leung once described Maggie Cheung:

"A person who can control his own destiny only does what makes him happy."

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although many people are lamenting her "miserable evening scene", she enjoys it.

now, at the age of 58, she is still single, unmarried, childless, cool and rusty.

her life is full of possibilities, pursuing the happiness she wants at will.

, may Maggie Cheung get better and better.

and may everyone enjoy the moment and love bravely.

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