No matter who you get along with: don't say what you want, don't do what you want, don't do what you want.
No matter who you get along with: don't say what you want, don't do what you want, don't do what you want.
The right distance is the most comfortable, and a measured relationship is the most charming.

it leans forward slightly when it is not injected with water, and gradually stands up after slowly adding water. Once it is filled with water, it will topple over, and it can stand up only at that appropriate balance point.

the same is true of life, and the key lies in the word "degree".

there is a limit to everything, but too much is a disaster.

when dealing with people, remember: words are not casual, things are not random, and people are not random.

Don't talk casually

when a couple in Kuwait completed their marriage formalities in the local court and were about to leave, the bride suddenly stumbled and accidentally fell to the ground on her back.

the bridegroom's first reaction was not to pick up his wife in time, but to blurt out, "how stupid you are!"

the bride, who was slandered by the language, angrily filed for divorce at once.

A good word warms you in three winters, but a bad word hurts you in June.

Marshall Luxembourg said:

"maybe we don't think that the way we talk is violent, but language does often cause pain for ourselves and others."

sometimes a casual remark from you may be a heart-piercing knife to others, or even a wound that is difficult to heal for a lifetime.

you can spit roses and thistles in your mouth.

the power of language is great. A cold word can make a person fall into an ice cellar, a personal word can also make a person warm for a lifetime.

read a story.

A black American driver picked up a pair of white mother and daughter, and the daughter asked her mother, "Why is the driver's uncle's skin different from ours?"

Mom pondered for a long time and said, "this is because God wants our world to be colorful, so he created people of different colors."

when they arrived at their destination, the black driver was determined not to charge any money.

he said: "Thank you, it is your words, let me no longer feel inferior, let me find confidence, this is the best fare."

A person's attitude towards speech is the temperature at which he treats others.

especially like this sentence:

"in this world, people with warm hearts live the most beautiful lives, they will exude a kind of warm and kind power, that softness makes life full of sunshine."

things don't follow your heart

A survey shows that 90% of the wrong, stupid and regrettable decisions made by a person in his life are caused by moments when he or she is out of control.

things begin with impulse and end with regret.

everyone knows that Zeng Guofan is calm and cautious, but his brother Zeng Guoquan is careless.

in the five years of Tongzhi, Zeng Guoquan, who had just been appointed governor of Hubei, often made trouble with anyone who disliked him.

on impulse, in spite of Zeng Guofan's advice, he went his own way and sued a governor to the emperor.

as a result, the other party was not punished, but he was criticized and went home disgraced.

after returning home, Zeng Guoquan regretted and said, "I am really the stupidest person in the world!"

emotion is greater than reason, emotional, not only can not solve the problem, but also hurt yourself.

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Anthony Robin, a famous orator, once said:

"the secret of a great life is to know how to control the power of emotion, not to be countered by it."

there was a swordsman who still had a tie with his old opponent for 30 years.

later, in a duel, the other side accidentally fell off his horse and the swordsman quickly pointed his sword at the other side.

the exasperated opponent gave the swordsman a fierce pooh in the face, waiting to die.

the opponent was suddenly confused, and the swordsman said:

"I have been practicing my ability to control my emotions for 30 years, which is why I am often undefeated.

but the moment you vomited me just now made me angry. When I was impulsive, I was most likely to make a mistake, so I'll call again tomorrow. "

however, this debate will never begin.

because the opponent became a swordsman's student, he was impressed by the swordsman's stillness.

he is the only swordsman in British history, Omar.

people are not random

have you ever met such a person:

flip through and use other people's things without permission;

under the banner of friendship, he repeatedly borrows money and refuses to pay it back.

boast of being a best friend or buddy, joking around regardless of the occasion, giving people embarrassment.

in life, there are always some people around us who say and do whatever they want, completely self-centered, and never take into account the feelings of others.

regard the easygoing of others as casual, regard the goodness of others as cowardice, and even overdo them wantonly on the basis of good relations.

do not realize that all exchanges have insurmountable boundaries.

as teacher Bi Shumin said, "keeping a close distance is the most appropriate way to communicate."

No matter how good the relationship is, you should be measured; the deeper the relationship, the more you need to take care of it.

in one performance, Cai Ming accidentally stuck a needle on Guo Da, his good partner for many years, and he shouted in pain.

although Guo Da said afterwards that it really didn't matter, Cai MingI still feel bad.

she went to the antique market and took great pains to buy some of Guo Da's favorite coins as an apology.

someone was puzzled and asked Cai Ming, "you are all old friends. Is that all right?"

Cai Ming solemnly said: "precisely because we are old friends, we have to nip even a little bit of hatred in the bud, instead of allowing it to slowly accumulate into a big contradiction."

says in "who you are with is important": "No matter how great a friendship is, you have to take a good measure."

it is a kind of understanding to have a moderate conversation between family members, a kind of respect to do things not casually between friends, and a kind of politeness to have boundaries in the behavior of strangers.

the right distance is the most comfortable, and a measured relationship is the most charming.

Chen Daoming said: "the highest state of life is abstinence, not indulgence."

the world of mortals refines the heart, and mundane things cultivate nature.

with temperature in speech, magnanimity in doing things, scale in life, and a good sense of boundary in dealing with others, the road of life will become wider and wider.

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