She became positive, and the whole network began to urge her to divorce.
She became positive, and the whole network began to urge her to divorce.
May we all find someone who can share wealth and hardship.

recently is the peak of infection. Who are you taking care of when you are positive?

A friend may laugh at himself. When an adult is an adult, he or she can take care of him or her.

in a marriage, sometimes the person next to you, not even some outsiders care about you.

the demon mirror of illness, only by shining on yourself, can you see clearly whether the person beside you is a person or a "ghost".

recently, a wife in Heze, Shandong Province had just been diagnosed as positive when she experienced a scene that made people laugh and cry.

the diagnosis was made at night, and the whole family, including mother-in-law, children and husband, ran away early the next morning.

in theory, the mother-in-law is old, and the children's immunity is poor, so they can't stand the troubles. There's nothing wrong with leaving, and they all understand.

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but the husband left without looking back.

although there is an old saying that "husband and wife are the same forest birds, the disaster is coming to each other," however, this simply can not reach the degree of "great disaster", but still leave each other and fly away, what if it is really a great disaster in the future?

how can such a person deliver his back and heart to him?

to make matters worse, he even left and took the only fruit he had at home.

No nutrition is left for patients who may have a persistent high fever, general pain and inability to move, and there is no intention to think about each other at all.

even singled out rotten fruit and left it in the cupboard.

ask ourselves, we are not so cruel to our roommates. What on earth does this husband do as his own wife?

I think that if there is a trace of friendship at the bottom of my heart, it will not go so far as to do such unkind things.

as soon as the incident was exposed, the comment area unanimously sighed, "expose human nature!"

after the discussion, it only ended up with the word "divorce".

everyone is filled with righteous indignation. Why? Because there are really such people around them, not all of them will come true on themselves one day.

Today, we seldom have the opportunity to face the test of life and death, so it is difficult to see through the hearts of the people in an instant through the performance of the big moment, so most people spend their whole lives in vagueness.

A wife who does all the housework and a mother who is widowed. Disappointment always accumulates, but not to despair, enduring day by day.

it's just that no one thought that this lingering sickbed was not only a test of self-immunity, but also a detector of feelings and even the hearts of the people.

how many people are forced to face the facts and sadly find that they really treat each other, but can't get even a bit of cherish.

all the blood was paid by mistake!

the selfishness of some people is regardless of object and occasion.

at present, apart from children and the elderly, there is a group of adults who also need special care, that is, pregnant women.

after pregnancy, women's hormone levels have changed sharply, and their mental and physical conditions have changed greatly, so they need more care and care from people around them.

however, some husbands do the opposite, as if they were not pregnant by their wives or their own children.

Zhihu had a respondent to share her own experience. When she was six months pregnant and had an unexpected positive, her husband asked for leave to go home and called it "taking care of".

what did you actually do?

play games until midnight every day, sleep until the afternoon the next day, and go out to find food by yourself when you are hungry. One person is full and the whole family is not hungry.

what about pregnant women? It's none of his business. He shouldn't starve to death if he has hands and feet.

the pain of his pregnant wife has become a reason for him to relax, and the existence of children cannot stop him from pursuing happiness.

but it's even a blessing.

because if you are not pregnant, you can't delay cooking even if you have a high fever of 39 degrees.

and you have to pay attention to nutritional matching when cooking, otherwise "I don't like it".

the woman herself is also positive

if you really can't get up, it doesn't matter, don't worry, every mess will be saved for you, and you'll clean it up slowly when you're ready.

the husband felt that it was not easy for him to cook every day, so he had to share some of the work with his wife regardless of her physical condition.

he was so afraid of tiring himself that it never occurred to him that his wife had been so tired so many times that in the end, he took all the housework left to his wife for granted.

some people think that he knows that cooking is good when his wife is ill.

however, it is precisely because of constantly lowering the bottom line that these original duties gradually become necessary for praise and praise, and finally belong to women alone.

the so-called marriage, when husband and wife were supposed to support each other and snuggle up to each other, fell into reality, but it became a calculation with too many worries and a consideration of gain and loss.

this is a partner in business, not Qin se and Ming on the way of marriage.

it is easy to find priceless treasure, but it is rare to have a lover.

True love doesn't need to be taught or even said, and he instinctively spills his heart.

some time ago, the same family was infected, and when the husband first became positive, he didn't care about breaking up the hard resistance.

wait until the wife is diagnosed, and the husband immediately attaches importance to it, cooking, measuring antigens, measuring body temperature, real-time observation and protection, and doing what can be done.

such a husband can be called a good husband model for 24 filial piety.

this respondent provides a good answer template. Also in the extraordinary period of 8 months of pregnancy, husbands and wives were infected one after another, but neither of them thought of leaving each other, but invested energy and time without scruples.

the road of marriage is eventually supported by two people, so they are not afraid of being infected, and their first thought is to feel sorry for each other; instead of flying separately in the face of disaster, they are getting closer to each other and grateful all the way.

this is a healthy marriage.

if you worry every day about who has done more, who has done less, and who has infected whom with such trifles, in the end, what is left will not be love, but senseless revenge and recrimination.

Disease is a mirror that shows all the good and evil, beauty and ugliness in the world.

the original mind is a "demon", so it shows its original form unexpectedly, the responsibility is out of the question, and the trust that has been placed has collapsed, and reconstruction takes thousands of times as much effort.

the original heart is "human", then each other is more convinced that each other is worth each other for a lifetime, since then there is a long way to go, but the lover is never alone.

only a love-based marriage can go to Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling), which requires every bit of support.

just like the wedding vows: no matter prosperity or adversity, wealth or poverty, health or sickness, youth or old age, we are all in the same boat, sharing weal and woe, sharing joys and sorrows, and becoming partners for life!

well, I hope we can all find someone who can share wealth and hardship.

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