The four laws of interacting with people hope to be useful to you.
The four laws of interacting with people hope to be useful to you.
No matter what difficulties you encounter, relying on yourself is the only shortcut.

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do not take advantage of others

the relationship between people is actually giving to each other.

the more you want to take advantage of others, the less likely you are to take advantage of others.

there is a saying: "not to take advantage is education, reciprocity is self-cultivation."

everyone has an invisible scale in his heart.

when you blindly take advantage of and squeeze others, it will also cause resentment and alienation from others.

and when you are willing to treat each other sincerely, others will give you more benefits and help.

secondly, the longer the relationship, the more mutual understanding and support.

Don't always evade when it's time for you to pay the bill, don't always shirk when you should help, and don't always avoid when it's time for you to help.

everything in this world is relative.

the more a person wants to take advantage of other people's interests and benefits, the more he or she will lose the recognition and support of others.

because no one is a fool, maybe you can take advantage of others once or twice, but you can't gain the trust of others for a lifetime.

regardless of whether a person is right or wrong

there is a saying: "when you sit still, you often think about your own mistakes, and you can't talk about others."

in life, we always like to judge the quality of others.

in fact, you do not know what others have experienced, nor do you know what difficulties they have, let alone their real good intentions and intentions.

when you judge others from your own point of view, there are always some misunderstandings and misunderstandings.

sometimes, the choice you think is wrong may be the best decision made by others.

sometimes what you think is the right life may be a life that others don't like.

sometimes, the life you think is happy may not be the life that others want.

everyone sees different things from different angles.

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so never use your ruler to measure other people's lives.

never use it as an excuse to hurt others for good.

Don't even rely on the experience of others to interfere with other people's choices.

when we stop judging others casually, we really learn to respect others.

do not reveal people's shortcomings

everyone has shortcomings and shortcomings.

maybe others can laugh at themselves, but you can't mention it at will.

No one wants to show their weaknesses in public, and no one wants to talk about them in public.

there is a question on Zhihu: "are people who can't afford a joke not welcome?"

I have seen such a high praise and replied: "No matter how familiar the relationship is, revealing people's weaknesses and making jokes are two different things."

Don't talk nonsense about things that have been agreed upon by everyone, such as physical defects, appearance and some bad experiences.

people who say you can't take a joke lack empathy and are neither stupid nor bad. "

maybe the shortcomings of others are objective facts. But it is your self-cultivation that you don't expose people's faults.

sometimes, outspokenness is not a reason, and unintentional harm is not an excuse.

A really kind person will not joke about other people's sore spots.

when you know how to preserve and maintain the dignity of others, you will be respected and treated by others.

Don't force others to make things difficult

in life, we always need the help of others.

as a matter of fact, you can't do anything reluctantly or persistently.

when you make a request, others do not reply immediately, which may be a refusal.

others may have concerns, but they may not be willing to do so. Other people's euphemistic response may be beyond their reach.

No matter what you ask for help, the premise is that others are willing to do it.

Don't feel that others should help you just because things are small.

those who are willing to help you will help you no matter how difficult they are; those who refuse to help you will not help you no matter how small they are; those who do not have the ability to help you will not be able to help you.

in life, everyone has his own difficulties.

Don't bother others when you can't trouble others; don't let others get into a dilemma when you can avoid embarrassment; don't always think about relying on others when you can solve it yourself.

No matter what difficulties you encounter, relying on yourself is the only shortcut.