When a man repeatedly mentions these things to you, there must be someone else in mind.
When a man repeatedly mentions these things to you, there must be someone else in mind.
Love a person, not by words, but by actions to prove.


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A man who has a change of heart sometimes doesn't tell you directly.

may be reluctant to give up your considerate care for him, or he may have a property entanglement, and he won't break face with you until he gets the money.

while playing Mr. nice in front of you, he is glued to other women at the same time.

in daily life, they are well disguised, and every day they are as attentive to you as they were when they were in love.

but there are flaws in everything. The Analects of Confucius says that it is not as good as too much.

when a man mentions these three things repeatedly, you should understand that there must be someone else in his heart, so let go as soon as possible!

repeatedly emphasize that you should trust him

Trust is one of the most precious things in a relationship. When you fall in love with someone, a woman's trust in him is mostly full.

No matter you get along with the opposite sex alone or go out together, you won't be too suspicious.

if a man really loves you, he will maintain a proper sense of proportion when dealing with other members of the opposite sex, so as not to let you misunderstand.

there are men who have rich and colorful social activities and socialize all the time, always telling you repeatedly to make you trust him, and he does all this in order to earn money to support his family.

A person who is really trustworthy will not always tell you to trust him.

because he knows that trust comes from love, and if you love each other, you will trust each other naturally.

only those men who have something in mind will always imply that you "trust" him. What you are afraid of is that one day you get suspicious and find out the ugly things he has done outside.

repeatedly exaggerate what he has done to you

Love is a process of giving to each other, from love to marriage.

it seems that some men always have the illusion that a woman must marry him in order to get something from him.

if it wasn't for money, if it wasn't for the house and family background, what was even more outrageous was his own face, as if a woman approached him for something.

so it is impossible to communicate with you on an equal footing in this kind of person's life.

he finally ruthlessly bought you a bag of fruit after work, and he can remember it for several years.

when relatives and friends came to the house, they took it out and trumpeted it. In fact, only you know that he ate most of that bag of fruit by himself.

he didn't say anything about you giving up your job for him and going home to take care of the children. You found medicine and sent him to the hospital late at night. He forgot when you were in a hurry to pay the fee.

he tastes delicious food first, and he tries fun first. When it rains, he pushes you out to protect you from the rain. When there is trouble at home, he only cares about whether he will be affected.

repeatedly emphasize his contribution to you, but in fact, he doesn't regard you as a family at all. Guard against it today and protect it tomorrow, lest you take advantage of him.

cover your lukewarm heart and don't stretch out your hand in the morning. Those who don't know how to be grateful should stay away from him as soon as possible.

repeatedly describe the beautiful future for you

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when a man pursues a woman, he likes to describe the good life in the future for her.

for you, how he will work hard, make money to buy a house, and then let you decorate your favorite style; when to have children, travel to where you want to go …...

the vision is beautiful, but the reality is cruel.

with all the hype in his mouth, he repeatedly promised that he would actually fish in troubled waters, lie down and lie down when he got home, and discussed ways to make money with him. As soon as he turned his back to you, he said that it was unrealistic for you to be fond of trouble.

if a man, who never spends time and time on you, will only tease you with false promises, don't expect him to give you true happiness.

in the final analysis, a man who talks but does nothing has never used his heart to you from the beginning to the end.

the man who really loves you will take "giving you a comfortable and stable future" as his goal.

he will immediately take action on what he has promised you, even if he will not be able to do it for a while, but he will always work in this direction to tell you the phased achievements.

he understands the expectations you entrust to marry him, and he also knows your unease about the future, so he will use his down-to-earth efforts to give you a reassurance.

Su Qin said:

"the rhythm of life is the best at the right time. Don't be too quick or early. Sometimes God asks you to wait in order to grasp happiness more safely when you have the ability to control it.


, may you meet the right person at the right time, without bombastic promises, without selfishness, and steadfastly give you a happy future.