Zhao Liying "disfiguring" recent photo exposure, the whole network shocked: after the divorce, how did she become so miserable?
Zhao Liying "disfiguring" recent photo exposure, the whole network shocked: after the divorce, how did she become so miserable?
Maybe that's what actors are really about.





it is surprising that they were sentenced.

finally finished watching the ending of "the Wind blows Pinellia", the heart has not been calm for a long time.

since the beginning of the broadcast, the drama has been set up by natural three-dimensional people, and the plot of Gaokai has gone crazy, which has set off an upsurge of drama pursuit throughout the network.

the screen screen without grinding filter makes the actors show the most real skin state, and even the pores and fine lines on the face are clearly visible.

but Zhao Liying is not afraid of such a state, after all, for a busy female entrepreneur, there are not so many gaudy thoughts.

the sublimation at the end of the curtain pulls the story to a new height.

especially the feeling of Xu Banxia, which instantly pulls people into the memoirs of life.

I can't help but want to relive it again, played by Zhao Liying as Xu Banxia.

this beautiful-sounding name actually implies an unfortunate birth.

(Pinellia ternata is poisonous in traditional Chinese medicine)

so after graduating from college, she quickly entered into marriage, trying to get rid of the sufferings of her original family.

did not think that this relationship gave her a deeper and more serious injury, and finally divorced in a very embarrassing way.

riding on the trend of the development of the times, Xu Banxia earned the first bucket of gold by reselling scrap steel, and then took his friends to start a business.

without resources and connections, he sized up the situation at the wine table and looked at the faces of other bosses in an attempt to get a piece of the pie.

in private, he also likes to give gifts to Boss Li, Boss Zhang and all kinds of Zong, just to look familiar.

when the real boss came out, even the men hesitated to come forward, while Xu Banxia directly grabbed the boss's wine glass and seemed to be familiar with him.

after drinking, I pulled a hand and talked eloquently about my ideas and plans.

Boss Zhao: I can't read it, but I'm shocked

this social bandit-like ability, who saw it without saying: absolutely!

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in order to do business, she dares to do it, and even walks along the gray boundary.

originally took a fancy to a beach to store steel, but the boss of the fishing village sat on the ground to raise the price. Friends Chen Cosmos and Tong Kui rode out of their minds and polluted the whole site with waste oil.

in the play, Xu Banxia listens to the villagers collapse and shout, "he must not die". There is confusion and accident in her eyes, which is not her original intention, so she also fights against Tong Maoqi.

but in fact, in the original work, Xu Banxia is the one who really proposed to do it, and she is even more indifferent to the curse of the villagers:

"curse the loss of children and grandchildren while she is alive. Will she still shake and die? I still can't care about it in this life. "

there is courage and resourcefulness, the necessary flattery and hypocrisy to wander around the business field, and ruthlessness and cruelty to achieve the goal.

this kind of determination can also be seen when she deals with emotional problems.

what impresses me most is that after Xu Banxia's partner Tong Kui got out of prison, he took out the hairpin he bought five years ago to vaguely express his feelings.

and Xu Banxia directly raised his hand and threw it out of the window and said softly, "Open your eyes and have a good look. This is a new world."

in the face of the considerate doctor, Xu Banxia solemnly bowed 90 degrees and refused all the kindness of the other party.

Don't ask, it means that we are so focused on making money that we don't have time for these dumb romantic love.

I have to say that the plot setting of this play is refreshing to contemporary viewers.

and through the role of Xu Banxia, we can see that Zhao Liying, as an actress, is also showing a real-life version of the drama.

from the small transparency in the circle to the representative of "sweet sister", and then to the image of the rich and changeable people now.

Zhao Liying is steady, constantly trying and making breakthroughs, creating multiple possibilities.

is not a professional actor born, nor does he have a unique resource advantage.

this all means that she needs to devote more time and energy than others.

before she stepped onto the stage and became an actress, she worked in a restaurant and handed out flyers.

after inadvertently entering the show business through the talent show, he began his walk-on journey for nearly seven years.

can come into contact with all the bits and pieces of characters, there are no extra pictures and lines, it is difficult to be noticed.

until the broadcast of "New return Pearl", she finally gained wide attention and ushered in a turnaround in her career by virtue of the gentle role of Qinger.

, she played Lu Zhen in the Legend of Lu Zhen, which further consolidated her on-screen image.

A series of highly exposed works gradually opened up the era of "Sweet Girl with a round face".

the most well-known is Xue Shanshan, the simple and lovely Xue Shanshan in the coming of Cedar.

there are thousands of bones of flowers that set off a new upsurge of costume fairy drama.

every play has a very hot audience rating, which really achieves the effective output of the work.

in theory, by this time, she has mastered the real traffic password.

if you continue to walk on this road, you can try everything and make no mistakes.

but the phrase "round face can not play the leading role, there are limitations" has always been in her heart, she wants to prove that "the value of an actor is not defined by the shape of the face."

if you want to break the prejudice, you have to take out your work and speak.

even after many years, I can still think of the colored glass performed by Zhao Liying in the Palace Lock Shen Xiang.

there is no blessings in blackening makeup, but only by looks and movements, it interprets the appearance of a vicious, paranoid villain.

it turns out that a sweet girl who does not seem to be aggressive can really control a role that contrasts greatly with her own image.

in who is the murderer, known as Zhao Liying's transformational work, she plays a psychiatrist, Shen Yu, who looks gentle and harmless on the surface, but actually secretly arranges the layout, fighting wits with the police and murderers.

although there is still room for polishing in the details, there is still some success in moving from a flow star to a powerful actor.

her past experience made her eager for opportunities and, where possible, desperately grasped all the options.

whether it is Sheng Minglan in "do you know whether it should be green, fat, red and thin", or how happy she is in "Happiness to Wanjia", it is the witness of her coming step by step.

when there are no shortcuts, only if you take the initiative to move forward, is it possible to see more roads.

many people think that compared with 85 flowers in the same period, Zhao Liying is already one step ahead.

there is no meaning of trampling. After all, everyone pursues different fields.

it's just that in terms of output, she does have a slight advantage.

if you take a closer look at other actors, you can hardly escape the curse of role homogenization.

after getting out of the circle with a character, he keeps repeating similar human settings.

the representative who often feels sorry for everyone is Tang Yan, the Zixuan in Chinese Paladin who directly pushed her to the peak of her career.

after that, she wrote a lot of works, but none of them created any new classics.

in fact, she is fully qualified to perform better works, but in the end she only stays in the comfort zone.

in other words, after missing some opportunities, I look back and realize that it is already too late.

in a variety show recently broadcast, Xue Kaiqi mentioned to her seniors that she wanted to be a "color palette" actor, try more different roles, and said she had not yet played a villain.

veteran actress Hui Yinghong said bluntly:

"now you make me feel like a ceramic doll, which will seal you to death."

because you are in your forties this year, I think age is just a number. If you grasp it well, this is your advantage. If you can't grasp it well, it will tie you to death. "

as an actress, elegant and beautiful appearance is an advantage, but as an actor, not letting go of posture will become an encumbrance.

to put it simply, it is youthful and romantic to act in an idol play in your twenties, but will it really work if you still live on the old money after more than a decade?

the answer has been explained in the 28 laws of Love, which just ended.

perhaps no one thought that Yang Mi, who had always been famous for her sense of being a young girl, had failed.

Tang Xuejian, who was once clever in Xianjian, is like the moonlight in the hearts of many people.

unscreened scripts, coupled with programmed acting skills, the actors themselves continue to consume their own reputation.

those experiences that gradually accumulated with age should have been their advantage, but they were all ignored.

is, of course, only a screen full of nothingness.

but since you are walking on the road of actors, immersion in life must be an indispensable part.

equally important is a clear understanding of where you are.

put on the right play at the right stage.

maybe that's what actors are really about.